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Automated control system(ACS)

Since 2009, GreenPower has been producing pyrolysis eco-friendly charcoal kilns, productivity and durability, which depends mainly on the staff and the ability to control it.  The human factor is decisive in the operation of charcoal kilns, as the main factor PROFITS of the charcoal enterprise depends on it.  Since 2011, GreenPower has been conducting continuous research and development in the field of automating the operation of charcoal kilns.

Description of the capabilities of the new Shield Office

The modern “Touchscreen” screen, now the furnace is controlled by means of the modern screen, which provides the User with ample opportunities,

Mechanical buttons, on the Control Panel, there are “main buttons” for manual control and stopping of the furnace.

Built-in memory and recording to the Flash Card, the new control panel provides for recording to the built-in memory, as well as to the Flash Card, which can be removed and used on a PC

Remote and local control, using this function, the control of the furnace can be either directly on the furnace or remotely using a stationary PC, thus it is possible to control the complex of furnaces

Automatic control or manual control, production process control can occur both in “Manual” and “Auto” modes, this function is very important when the maximum production indicators are reached.

Basic software functions

Screen: MENU

 WORKING PROCESS - the main operational mode of the kiln


  •  Workflow visualization: “coolant” movement, movement of drying / pyrolysis products, state-position of the furnace controls
  •  Display of indications of control bodies of thermo-sensors
  •  Auto mode on / off
  •  The settings of the "Automatic mode", these settings are made during the start of the furnace, the representative of GreenPower
  •  Change of camera mode "DRYING" or "PIROLIZ"
  •  Hours: date and time
  •  Temperature, a screen with a display of the current readings of the thermal sensors.


 For convenience of temperature analysis, thermocouple readings are displayed in the form of “graphs”


 Notation - display of the main elements of the kiln, using this function, it is easy and simple to deal with all elements of the kiln

Screen: KEY 1

 In addition to the main elements of the kiln, the mapping of the main control and measuring and executive bodies of the kiln

Screen: KEY 2

Event log, a very important element of the control staff.  This function allows you to monitor all the actions of the staff serving the furnace, i.e.  All actions including readings of thermal sensors are recorded in memory.


  •  Event log, a very important element of the control staff.  This feature allows you to monitor
  •  Installation and operating instructions of the furnace, during installation and start-up of the furnace it is very fast and convenient to find these documents directly in the Control Panel.

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