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Continuous carbonization furnace BIO-KILN

Download the description of BIO-KILN (pdf)

Requirements for equipment for carbonization
IMPORTANT! Bio-Kiln is a 100% complete, fully commercialised system which is produced in three versions. The installation was developed by GreenPower during 2015-2017; from the end of 2017 to 2019 the furnace passed all industrial tests. In 2019, the mass production of Bio-Kiln began. Bio-Kiln is not an experiment!
The charcoal-burning complex based on the BIO-KILN carbonization unit allows automating the entire production process of producing charcoal: the processes of loading raw materials and unloading finished charcoal, it also makes it possible to automatically control the content  carbon in charcoal, minimize ash content, increase the output of charcoal, eliminate the influence of the human factor and achieve consistently high performance indicators of the furnace.
The main advantage of BIO-KILN: constant quality parameters and output volumes of the product are readily achieved, since charcoal production occurs without human intervention in the technical process, namely in automatic mode.
Raw materials: Pits, shells and nuts of fruit trees; wood chips; bamboo; cones and other raw materials of plant origin with a fraction of 5-30 mm and humidity less than 15%.

Received products:

- charcoal as a raw material for the production of briquettes for BBQ,
- hookah charcoal (shisha pipe charcoal),
- charcoal as a raw material for the production activated carbon;
- ready-made BIO-Char from plant waste, for use in agriculture &  horticulture.

Received products from charcoal

The following advantages of the kiln should be mentioned​:

  • Reliability of the kiln. The carbonization equipment is made 100% from refractory materials.
  • Environmental Safety – zero noxious emissions
  • High efficiency, compact size
  • High productivity: 15-100 t / month, depending on the raw materials and kiln model (Bio-Kiln 1, 2 or 3)
  • Continuous production process
  • Minimal personnel intervention in the production process
  • Recoverable thermal energy, with the possibility of using it for: drying of raw materials, drying of coal briquette, local heating
  • Low power consumption (0.01kW) for full kiln autonomy
  • Remote Control Capability
  • Full process automation
  • Non-volatile carbon content in coal from 86% to 94% - according to requirements of the enterprise

Main elements of the continuous charcoal kiln BIO-KILN

Continuous carbonization furnace BIO-KILN

Parameters of the kiln

1 Productivity of charcoal, tons per month 30-40 60-80 80-120
2 Productivity of heat energy, kW per hour 200 400 1000
3 Dimensions: length х width х height, m 1.9 х 1.4 х 5.8 1.9 х 1.8 х 6.1 3,8 x 3,6 x 7,3
4 Power consumption, no more than, kW per hour 1
5 Non-volatile carbon content in the charcoal, % 89-94

A visualization of the benefits of hookah charcoal and charcoal briquette for BBQ, obtained using the BIO-KILN, is presented here.

Thermal power of the BK furnace, depending on its performance.
(at 15% relative humidity of raw materials)

Productivity, kg / h Thermal power, (gross) kW
1 30 200
2 50 333
3 75 499
4 100 665
5 150 998

General view of BIO-KILNView the ratio of coal output from raw materials, depending on the content of non-volatile carbon

 Continuous carbonization furnace BIO-KILN

Certificate of Quality for the charcoal

Utility Model Patent​

Video-presentation of the kiln


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