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Activated carbon is a porous adsorbent. It is made from organic materials containing carbon.

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Activated carbon can be produced from charcoal, peat (peat coke) or coal coke.

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The Active-60 production line is designed to produce activated carbons of high adsorption capacity. Fields of application of activated carbons include the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, medical, fuel and energy, metallurgical, oil and gas extraction and processing industries, and also environmental protection. Filters containing activated carbon are used in many modern designs of devices for cleaning various media and materials (water, air, etc.). Read more: Use of activated carbon (Wikipedia)

The Active-60 unit can integrate into various designs of processing line. It can be used to activate or regenerate activated carbon, specifically:

  • activation of charcoal and coal, in order to obtain active carbons, dolomite (kieselguhr), etc.
  • regeneration - restoration of activity in “spent” active carbons which have lost absorption capacity.

A key feature of the ACTIVE-60 activation installation is the use of SynGas, a combustible synthesis gas (read more about SynGas) released during the activation process, to drive key process reactions: coal heating, steam production and superheating. That allows you to save big money on energy - the use of additional fuel is not required.

The process of pyrolysis – the carbonization of raw materials -  can be included directly in the technical activation line, or a stand-alone line can be used for activation of "finished" coals. 

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Diagram of the process for producing activated carbon from carbon-containing materials

Scheme of the active charcoal obtaining process

Active charcoal from nutshell, apple tree pellets and apple wood chips

Active charcoal from nutshell    Active charcoal from apple tree pelletsActive charcoal from apple tree chips

Elements of the technological line for active charcoal production

  1. Equipment for the raw materials preparation for pyrolysis (cutting, crushing etc.). Depending on the types of raw materials used, in agreement with the Customer.
  2. Pyrolysis installation (carbonization furnace). Depending on the parameters of raw materials used for pyrolysis and the productivity of activation line.
  3. Installation for activation Active-60.
  4. Separator. Separation into fractions 0-10 mm and 10-20 mm.
  5. Disintegrator. Crushing to a fraction 0-50 µm.

The components of the ACTIVE-60 installation

 №   Item Name  Description
1  Activation   kiln Rotary kiln with refractory brick lining. Comprises a receiving unit, a rotating drum and a finished activated carbon unit
2  Burner Gas or oil burner for initial start-up of the furnace. When using a liquid fuel burner, the consumption of heating oil for primary heating is 150-200 l / h, the time for heating is 8-10 hours.
3  Loading   unit Storage hopper and closed auger with period control. Used to load raw materials into the kiln
 4   Unloading    unit Gateway feeder and closed auger with steam cooling. Used for unloading and cooling the produced carbon
5  Water   Treatment   Unit Used to prepare water for the steam production process. Prevents the formation of scale on the steam pipes and so avoids frequent cleaning of steam pipes.
6  Kiln steam supply unit Used to supply superheated steam to the oven. Equipped with a pressure gauge to monitor the pressure in the system. Made of acid resistant stainless steel
7  Steam boiler with superheater Low pressure steam boiler, with superheater. Not subject to high-pressure steam regulations. As a heat source, the gas released as a result of the activation reaction is used.
8  Flues, chimney, smoke exhaust fan Flues - pipes for gas and coolant. Chimney - 20 mPa. Smoke exhaust fan 2.2kW


Activation Kiln Diagram

1) Receiver. Element for loading raw materials into a rotary kiln.

2) Rotary kiln. Here the activation process takes place.

3) Unloading element. Unit for stabilization and unloading of activated carbon from the furnace

Brief description of the ACTIVE-60 installation

The rotary kiln is a continuous apparatus for heat treatment and activation of various bulk materials and materials with a high porosity. The design of the installation involves the use of synthesis gas released in the process, for heating the raw material to the activation temperature and in the production and superheating of steam for activation. At initial start-up the unit is heated by liquid or gaseous fuel. The inner housing of the drum is lined with refractory brick. Prepared raw materials are loaded into the installation where it is heated to a temperature of 900 ° C, superheated steam is supplied to the heated raw material at a temperature > 350 ° C. As a result of the reaction, activated carbon and synthesis gas are obtained. The resulting activated carbon from a rotary kiln flows into the active carbon cooling zone, from where it is in turn discharged through a lock discharge device.

Technical Characteristics of the Activation Installation

Raw materials and capacity
Quantity of raw materials consumed tons/day 5 - 10
Capacity tons/day 2 - 4
Raw material fraction mm Depends on raw materials
Steam consumption per 1 kg of activated carbon kg 1
Personnel and operation mode
Number of workers per shift ppl 3-6
Number of shifts pcs./h 3х8, 2х12
Qualification of the personnel required   secondary technical education
Estimated time of work per day h round-the-clock, or per shift
Estimated time of work per year days 340
Overall dimensions and infrastructure
Overall dimensions mm 12 800 х 2 500 х 3 800
The size of the site/workshop required for the gas generator operation m 18 000 х 6 000 х 5 000
Warehouse of the finished products (dry, with ventilation) m2 over 150
Warehouse of raw materials m2 over 600
Amount of water required for the activation process. The water is non-return. m3 45 - 90
Required power at peak load kW*h 4,5

General view of the installation

General view    Installation Active-1


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