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Complex description

Technological complex for production of 80 tons of charcoal per monthThis complex is designed for processing into high quality charcoal of various types of non-conforming waste of plant origin: firewood, logging and woodworking waste, shells of coconuts, walnuts, hazelnuts and other nuts, fuel briquettes pini kay, nestro, ruf, etc.

The production capacity of the complex is more than 80 tons of high quality charcoal per month. Productivity will depend on the parameters of raw materials. For example, 80 tons of charcoal per month will be produced using wood of the East European oak with a moisture content of up to 40% as raw material. In the case of using birch as raw materials, productivity will be 60-70 tons/month, depending on the moisture content of raw materials. If it is assumed to use fuel briquettes Pini-kay as raw material, the capacity will be 100-120 tons/month. The complex is a modern high-tech, environmentally-friendly and includes all necessary auxiliary equipment, which provides stable, efficient operation.

In the result of complex operation it is possible to produce the following types of products:

  • Charcoal for domestic and industrial purposes
  • Charcoal from briquettes pini kay
  • Briquettes pini kay
  • Firewood

Comparative characteristics of dofferent types of fuels 

Comparative characteristics



Charcoal from briquettes

Charcoal from firewood

Calorific value, kcal/kg

up to 3500

up to 5500

up to 8300

up to 8300

Time of burning of 1 kg, hours





Ash content %

up to 10

up to 50

up to 4

up to 3

Complex for charcoal production

Sites of the complex

1. Area for preparation and warehousing of raw materials.
2. Area for loading trolleys with raw materials, cooling and unloading of charcoal from the trolleys
3. The railroad to move the platforms with trolleys (logistics element)
4. Area of pyrolysis, based on charcoal kilns CK-4 EURO-m
5. Finished goods warehouse

Additionally, the site may include:

A. Equipment for preparation of raw materials to the process (saws and log splitters)

B. Chamber of forced cooling of the trolleys. It significantly reduces the duration of cooling of charcoal in the trolleys and is particularly necessary for use in hot climatic regions.

C. Lines for production of fuel pini kay briquettes

D. Line for packaging of charcoal in paper bags

E. Heat-recovery boiler. It is designed to use of excess heat for domestic and other purposes.

F. Central control panel (operator’s room)

G. Drying complex for the production of fireplace wood

H. Unit for charcoal stabilization

Brief description of the sites of the complex

Site 1, here the raw material for pyrolysis are supplied. If necessary here is the preparation of raw materials to the process (cutting to length, chopping by diameter).

Site 2, here stationary trestles are installed, here raw materials are loaded into trolleys and charcoal from them is unloaded. Additionally this site can be equipped with chamber of forced cooling, which significantly accelerates the cooling process of the trolleys.

Site 3 is used for moving trolleys with the use of the platform. This section refers to the elements of logistics complex and allows the moving of trolleys with raw materials and finished products for all sites with minimal physical effort.

Site 4 is the main section, where the charcoal production process occurs. The site includes charcoal kilns of CK-4 “EURO-m” type in the amount of 2 pcs.

Site 5 designed for packaging and storage of finished products. It can be fitted with line for packaging of charcoal in paper bags, pallets wrapper and other packaging equipment.

Brief description of the technical process

Raw materials for the process is stored on the site 1. After be filling by the raw materials on the site 2 the trolleys are mounted on the platforms on the site 3. Time of raw materials loading into trolleys is 40-50 minutes. Platform with trolleys are moving on rails from the site 3 to the site of pyrolysis 4. From the platform trolleys are loaded into open chamber of charcoal kiln with installed “drying” mode. Upon completion of the pyrolysis process in the chamber of charcoal kiln on the site 4, trolleys loaded with charcoal are unloaded on the empty platform, which is set on the site 3 (railway). Trolley with hot charcoal are moving to the site 2, where cooling of charcoal in the trolleys occurs, time ogladania trolleys 12-24 hours depending on ambient temperature. The time of trolleys cooling is 12-24 hours depending on ambient temperature. After cooling, the charcoal should undergo a process of stabilization, without this there can be spontaneous combustion. Stabilization can be achieved by different methods with and without the use of special equipment. After stabilization, the charcoal is packed and stored on the site 5, from where it is shipped to Consumers

During the organization of production, it is important to consider the following factors

  • Provision of the technological process of charcoal production with own heat, which is achieved by complete combustion of wood pyrolysis products in the kiln. heat carrier formed in the process has the enthalpy, sufficient for implementation of wood drying, a process of wood pyrolysis and calcining of charcoal, and for the production of hot water for domestic and technological needs.
  • This solution provides the utilization of the liquid phase, formed during wood pyrolysis thereby eliminating a significant environmental problem of ingress of acidic residues in soil and waste water.
  • Increased output, high quality characteristics of charcoal are achieved by automatic control of temperature regimes of wood drying and pyrolysis.
  • The utilization of excess heat is through the installation of heat recovery boiler allowing it to be used for economic, technical and other needs.
  • Maximum optimization of moving of raw materials and finished products from one area to another with the use of a rail system, platforms and trolleys by using natural gravitational forces.
  • All operations associated with the movement of raw materials and finished products are mechanized and are conducted using electrical winch.

Charcoal kiln CK-4 EURO

The staff of the complex

The number of staff is calculated. Next, you will be able to see the total number of all areas associated with all stages of charcoal production. It should be noted that it is possible to organize a 5-day work schedule for all areas, except for area of pyrolysis. Thus, it is necessary to calculate the volume of spare trolleys and to increase the production volume of all sites on 30%. It is also possible to significantly reduce the number of staff of warehouse of not prepared timber and area of raw material preparation through the use of auto manipulators for loading and movement of raw materials and lines of the automated cutting of wood.

Site 1 (preparation and warehousing of raw materials), site 2 (loading trolleys with raw materials, cooling and unloading of charcoal), site 5 (raw material warehouse). The number of staff depends on the degree of automation of the production process. The minimum number of staff of 2 sites excluding labour expenses for preparation of the raw material - 2 people, maximum 4 people. The volume of works of the staff includes: loading of raw materials into trolleys, unloading of charcoal from trolleys, loading/unloading of trolleys to/from chamber(s) and packaging of charcoal in bags or boxes of 10 kg. The working regime is single-shift. The staff does not require special education.

Site 4 (site of pyrolysis). The staff of this site includes the operator and the operator assistant i.e. 2 persons, the operator controls the production process at charcoal kilns and is also the foreman of the complex, is responsible for organization of all works and maintenance of the process. Operator assistant at night can substitute the operator and in the daytime to perform work at sites 1,2,5. The working regime is around the clock. The total number of operators is 3 people, assistants of the operator is also 3 people. The operator must have secondary or higher education and undergo training and internship at the company GreenPower.

The total number of people: 8-10.

The average content and temperature of released flue gases of CK-4 "EURO-m"

                                              1. Temperature                                                     150 – 280оС.
                                              2. Oxygen  O2                                                      10 -16 %.
                                              3. Sulfur dioxide SO2                                            94 ppm.
                                              4. Nitric oxide NO                                                 40 ppm.
                                              5. Methane CH4                                                    0-0,01%
                                              6. Carbon dioxide CO2                                             9 %

This project is exemplary and suggests adaptation to specific conditions. In general by the company GreenPower it will be developed:

  1. Concept and design of the enterprise, where it will be implemented the optimal move, warehousing of raw materials and finished products at all stages of production.
  2. Centralized management and monitoring of charcoal complex.
  3. Technical regulations of the enterprise.
  4. Job descriptions of the staff.
  5. The concept of thermal energy obtaining in the result of briquettes pyrolysis, which can be used: in the production of briquette - drying of raw material or for heating of premises, production of technological heat.

The period of equipment production, installation, commissioning of equipment and training is 1-2 months from the beginning of financing. The company, which produces equipment, guarantees execution of installation, commissioning works and staff-related training. In addition to this there will be systematic maintenance of equipment.

Exhibition of the high-quality charcoal


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