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Shipment of 3 EKKO-2 charcoal kilns to Zhytomyr region, Ukraine ✔️ Piroliz

At the end of April, in accordance with contractual obligations, three EKKO-2 charcoal kilns were produced and shipped to the Zhytomyr... »

Launch of the continuous UP BIO-KILN-2 in Nurata, Uzbekistan ✔️ Piroliz

In early April 2021, the BIO-KILN-2 continuous charcoal kiln was shipped to the city of Nurata, Uzbekistan.... »

Supply of 2 charcoal kilns UP-4 EURO, Indonesia ✔️ Piroliz

At the beginning of May 2019, at the end of the production process, 2 charcoal carbonization furnaces, model UP-4 EURO, were delivered... »

Supply of continuous carbonization furnace BIO-KILN to Indonesia ✔️ Piroliz

In mid-May, the BIO-KILN continuous carbonization unit was shipped to a major producer of hookah coconut shell charcoal in... »

Special offer for the BIO-KILN carbonization furnace ✔️ Piroliz

From 01/06/21 to 01 / o7 / 21 GreenPower announces Maximum discounts for the BIO-KILN carbonization furnace

Affiliate program for new representatives of the GreenPower company ✔️ Piroliz

GreenPower invites new customers to become a member of the Partner Program if you are the first buyer of our products in your country or... »

Supply of charcoal kilns EKKO-2, Java Island, Indonesia ✔️ Piroliz

In early April 2021, two EKKO-2 charcoal kilns with preliminary drying system were delivered to Java, Indonesia.

Launch of EKKO-2 charcoal kilns in Bosnia and Herzegovina ✔️ Piroliz

In August 2020, 3 EKKO-2 kilns were launched in Bosnia and... »


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