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Today the production base of GREENPOWER company is completely self-sufficient production with powerful and flexible possibilities on the territory of more than 3000 sq.m.

A full cycle - from ideas generation to serial production - is provided by our departments: engineering, supply, technical quality control, sales and marketing. Every day work, experience and knowledge of the company staff become real and useful products. The number of company employees is 50 people. Thanks to the coordinated work, the high scientific and technical potential, a simple metal sheet can be transformed into a complicated and necessary for economy of different countries industrial equipment.

Production department of Greenpower Company
Production department of GreenPower Company, Kharkov

How does it work?

Heat resistance test of  fire chamber door’s cover Charcoal burning  kiln CK Marketing department explores in details our current and potential customers needs, providing a link between the customer and the company's engineers. Marketing experts improve the quality of their work by perfecting their style and methods of service.

The engineering department realizes the newest solutions and improvements in its settlements and arts, paying particular attention to the needs of the market and the needs of our customers. All new elements of equipment are studied in detail in cooperation with the quality control department, and only after the tests they are put into full production.

Supply Department - tirelessly working to reduce the cost of purchased raw materials, improving their quality indicators. Stability and timeliness of supply is a guarantee of the GREENPOWER company’s obligations to the customers!

Technical quality control department provides continuous monitoring of production technology compliance, ensures uninterrupted operation of machine tools, cranes, welding machines and other necessary equipment.

Technical experts in cooperation with the supply department, ensure high-quality raw materials providing for production!

Special thermal insulation coating of chambers сharcoal burning  kiln
Special thermal insulation coating of chambers proposed by engineering department allows to avoid heat loss into the environment and significantly reduces the power consumption of charcoal kiln CK "Euro"

Our technical experts have all the necessary equipment to carry out tests of various components and assemblies, as well as the whole construction.

We pay great attention to quality and to the requirements of the engineering documentation. Quality control is carried out at all stages of charcoal kiln production, during the transition products from one area to another, the finished product is checked by works manager, by chief engineer, and immediately before the shipment by manager of sales department, accompanying the deal.

Complete test assemblage of the kiln
Before the shipment complete test assemblage of the kiln is made

Sales department provides the process of interaction with potential and existing customers, complete information and consulting support from the first contactto purchasing of the equipment, its installation and commissioning.

All our products have the warranty of 12 months. We really execute our warranty obligations, delve into the essence of the situation, find an optimal way, assist with the removing not covered by warranty cases. Permanent pools of spare parts and flexible communication with suppliers, give an opportunity to carry out high-quality service.

The GREENPOWER company's management provides a warm, democratic climate in the team, the rational use of material and human resources, continuous training and development of staff.

Thanks to arranged work, the company's image increases as company’s sales. Along with the growth of the welfare and well-being is increasing its staff!

Ğ¡harcoal kiln production   Ğ¡harcoal kiln production

Ğ¡harcoal kiln production   Ğ¡harcoal kiln production

Ğ¡harcoal kiln production   Ğ¡harcoal kiln production

Ğ¡harcoal kiln production   Ğ¡harcoal kiln production

Thus, all the departments of the company are in close cooperation with each other providing the optimum solution of our customers issues for the organization and management of their business. Processing of wood-working industry and agricultural waste into the profitable and high-grade product – charcoal, we see it like unexplored field for your opportunities!

Using GREENPOWER equipment your WASTE PRODUCTS easily become EARNING PRODUCTS!




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