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The use of wood chips in the modern world

The woodworking industry is an industry where a huge amount of waste is generated at all stages. Among them, such as branches, knots, sawdust, trimmings, shavings and chips.
Wood chips are specially chopped wood and is a valuable material that can be applied in various ways. Moreover, the effectiveness of a particular application depends on such chip parameters as wood breed, size, shape, moister content.

Raw materials for the production and classification of activated carbons
"Active" or "Activated" describe carboa group of carbon sorbents that are produced and used in industry. Regulatory quality indicators are in place for these materials.

These categories are based on GOST-6217-74 "Fragmentized activated charcoal". 

Use of pellets in Europe

Pellets are fuel granules of small size and cylindrical shape. They are produced by crashing wooden raw material in a special crusher, which brings it to a powder fraction. Then this mass is dried and compressed into pellets: this process is accompanied by an increase in the temperature of the material, due to which the special substance lingin, which is contained in wood, glues its particles into sufficiently dense granules.

Pellets are taking over the world

The search for an alternative and at the same time environmentally friendly type of fuel has always been extremely relevant not only for Ukraine, but also for the whole world. This is not surprising, because the importance of high-quality, inexpensive and at the same time very effective fuel is simply impossible to overestimate. Relatively recently, this fuel was finally found – it turned out to be wood pellets or pellets.

Production charcoal of walnut

The world production of nuts is more than 4.2 million tons per year. Almost 50% of the nuts produced in the world are walnuts. The main producers of walnut are the USA, China and Turkey. The top-5 countries also include Ukraine and Iran.
The second place in terms of production volumes is almonds, which are grown mainly in the USA (80% of the world crop).
Turkey is a key producer of hazelnuts – up to 70% of all nuts in the world are produced there. Italy and Georgia occupy the second and third places correspondently.

Оlive pits – ideal raw material for the charcoal production

The history of the production of olive oil in Europe counts not the one thousand years. Only in Spain, olive groves occupy up to 1.5 million hectares. The top five world leaders in production, in addition to Spain, include Italy, Greece, Turkey and Tunisia. A long list of countries-producers also includes Portugal, Bulgaria, Jordan, Algeria, Morocco – almost all countries of the Mediterranean basin.

Installation of the charcoal kiln EKKO-2

Installation of our charcoal kilns is carried out according to a certain algorithm, which is presented in the video

The benefits of environmentally friendly charcoal kiln BIO-KILN

Consumption of processed agricultural products is growing every year.  On the shelves of stores expanding range of food and improving their quality.  

Profit from the garbage.

The growth of the population of the Earth brings with it an increase in the rate of production, followed by consumption, and the amount of waste eventually increases.  Traditional methods of disposal of solid household waste (MSW) - the destruction or disposal is no longer effective, cause damage to the environment and turns our planet into a large landfill.


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