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At the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st centuries, the whole world started talking about reducing the world reserves of coal, oil and gas.  The constant increase in the cost of natural fuel reserves, forced to recall the technology of gasification of solid plant biomass, and especially wood.  Previously, these technologies were considered as the generation of additional thermal energy; today, the possibility of operating gas generators from biomass wastes is being considered as their processing for combined generation of heat and electric energy.
In recent years, the processing of various kinds of waste, including wood waste, has been developed in a number of many countries, and developments have appeared in Ukraine. 

In the EU countries, the government provides real economic support to green energy producers, and there are several options for stimulating the development of green energy.  For example, a country such as Spain published a plan for a complete transition to a "green" energy sector by 2050.  Unfortunately, in Ukraine there is no government interest in this topic, which hinders the commercial use of the development and production of equipment for the production of "green" energy.

Kharkov company GreenPower has developed and successfully produces heat generators on sawdust and plant waste, which is used to process low-quality spent fuel consisting of wood processing waste (chips, sawdust, shavings, cuttings and slabs), sunflower husks, straw, substandard seeds of plants and others into heat  energy.

This complex solves the problem of utilization and cheap heat supply, ready to be connected to heating systems: drying chambers, industrial, office and residential premises, greenhouse complexes, etc.


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