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Elements of logistics for charcoal kilns "EKKO" and "EURO"

1. Trolley
2. Mobile platform for trolley
3. Stationary trestle for trolley
4. Cross over trestle
5. Rails for mobile platform
6. Electric or manual winch
7. Tipper for trolleys


 1. Trolleys.  They are loaded, dried, pyrolysis of raw materials, followed by cooling and stabilization of charcoal.  Trolleys are equipped with: nets for raw materials, loading hatches and channels for removal of products of drying-pyrolysis.

 Trolleys are of 2 types:

  •  Face-loaded, used for manual loading of raw materials and coal unloading
  •  Top loading, used for mechanized loading of raw materials and coal unloading



2. The mobile platform is provided for moving the trolleys along the rails of the platform, used for loading / unloading trolleys to / from the chamber (s), as well as installing trolleys on stationary racks.

3. A stationary trestle for trolleys, provided for the loading of raw materials, cooling, stabilization and unloading of coal.

4. Reversible overpass.  It is designed to move the trolleys, between the elements of logistics, as well as when installing the trolleys into the camera.

5. Rails for a mobile platform.  On rails, the platform moves to different zones of the charcoal site: the zone for loading raw materials into trolleys, the cooling zone and the unloading of finished coal.  All these zones are equipped with overpasses.

 6. The winch is electric or mechanical, provided for the mechanized movement of a trolley with raw materials or charcoal, along all elements of the logistics of the site, as well as when loading / unloading trolleys into / from the furnace.

 7. Tipper for trolleys.  Device for mechanized unloading of charcoal from the trolleys.  Significantly increases the speed of charcoal unloading and does not require manual labor.


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