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The platform used to transfer the trolleys. Transfer of trolleys by means of electric winch.

It is labor-consuming process to load the trolleys into the chambers because trolley filled with wood weights more than 1 t. Different ways of loading/unloading trolleys into the chamber of charcoal kiln are possible. The platform is used to load/unload the whole trolleys simultaneously and transfer them along the production sites. Trolleys filled with wood are installed on the platform, then they are moved by means of manual or electric winch.

In this case there is no need in solid and flat covering of the ground and manual labor is practically absent. Huge advantage of one-time unloading is that charcoal doesn’t inflame, the process of loading/unloading makes the process go much faster, that decreases heat losses, maintaining staff consists only of 2 people (per 1-3 kilns). All these helps to decrease expanses of production significantly.   

The platform The platform

Scheme of production complex consisting of 6 Ğ¡K-4 "EURO-m"

Scheme of production complex

Optimal relocation of the product takes place at all stages of manufacture using platforms. It is possible to install electric winch in order to minimize physical efforts.

Example of logistics organization with a help of platforms

Prepared wood (l=300-330 mm, d=100-150 mm) is stored and kept on the area 4. Filling of trolleys with wood takes place on this area also. The filled trolleys are situated on the platforms and trestles near the platform. After the completion of the pyrolysis process in the chamber the trolleys are unloaded on the platforms of zone 1 and moved on the platforms to the area of charcoal cooling in the trolleys 3. Then trolleys with wood are moved by means of platform to the area 1 along the pyrolysis area 2 and loaded into any empty chamber. Trolleys with cooled charcoal are moved from cooling zone 3 to the packing area. Empty trolleys are stored at the area 4, and then they are moved to zone 1 by road 2 also by means of platform. Charcoal is packed and stored on the packing area. Charcoal is dispatched to the consumers from the storehouse.

Trestle for trolley        Trestle for trolleys

Trestle for trolley loading and cooling. 



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