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Mechanization of control system

In order to improve working conditions of the maintenance staff, provide uninterrupted and reliable operation of charcoal burning kiln CK “EURO” and also to minimize influence of the human factor on the technological process the company implements mechanization of control elements of the kiln.

The essence of mechanization consists in the following:

  1. The dampers are actuated not manually as before but due to actuators.
  2. The control board can be duplicated for the separate operator’s room.
  3. The readings of thermocouples are directed to the logger or on the computer.
  4. Alarm signal of operation limiting modes also can be duplicated in the operator’s room.
  5. The dampers are actuated simultaneously at the single command and not separately. Opening and Shutting are synchronous.
  6. There is “ALARM” mode for emergency shutdown
  7. There are “Manual” and “Auto” modes to enable control automation
  8. All controls are reflected on a panel with light indicators.
  9. Alarm and other signals simplifying operation are provided   

Mechanization of control system

Thus a worker can control pyrolysis and drying processes without leaving a premise. Upon reaching 800oC at the inlet of pyrolysis chamber and alarm actuation, the worker should do the only one movement to switch the “contact-breaker” into the opposite position. Upon that all the dampers will change their position and the processes in chambers also will be reversed.

If the temperature inside of pyrolysis chamber decreases at 10oC the worker can switch it into the initial position in order to avoid ceasing of pyrolysis process.

As a result this kind of mechanization lets to work out technological process more accurate.

Relative position of the dampers depending on the switch

Relative position of the dampers


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