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Charcoal kiln – pyrolysis installation EKKO-4

The high level of efficiency of CK EKKO-4 is achieved by using modern heat-resistant insulating materials for the walls of the drying/pyrolysis chambers and the furnace, which gives the opportunity to quickly start the operating mode and significantly reduce the production cycle. The kiln is unique due to the absence of “thermal ballast” materials, such as sheet metal and refractory bricks, which are the basis of almost all charcoal kilns. In addition, high efficiency is achieved by using "chamber steam", i.e. carrying out drying processes of raw materials, due to the "excess heat" released in the process of pyrolysis.

Reliability and maintainability of CK EKKO-4 is determined by experience of GreenPower (since 2001) in manufacturing charcoal kilns, which helped to develop a maximally reliable and maintainable construction with a minimum service life of 10 years.

Mechanization and automation of CK EKKO-4 is achieved due to the fact that the kiln is equipped with a modern reliable and time-tested system of control and measuring device. Automation of the operational process is also provided as well as emergency modes in case of non-compliance with operating

Main advantages of the kiln:

      • LOW PRICE - high quality and productivity;
      • LOW WEIGHT < 6 tons;
      • AUTOMATION of process management - easy and safe operation;
      • LOW POWER CONSUMPTION < 0,1 kW/kiln;
      • PREMIUM - Charcoal holds the shape of the raw material, dust percentage is less than 1%;
      • THERMAL ENERGY is also possible to be obtained;
      • ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLINESS - absence of harmful emissions during operation;
      • COMMISSIONING WORKS are free – Launch of the equipment and staff training;
      • LOW DELIVERY PRICE. Possibility to transport two kilns in one transportation unit;
      • CENTRALIZATION – It is possible to arrange central control of the kiln complex;
      • RELIABILITY – The kiln construction is maintainable and safe;
      • QUICK LAUNCH – The kiln is delivered practically fully assembled, while the launch takes one day;
      • COMPACT SIZE - High productivity at minimum dimensions;
      • REMOTE CONTROL – Operating data are transferred from the kiln to the server.


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