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Charcoal kiln CK-5 "EURO"

Download the description of CK-5 "EURO" (pdf)


CK-5 "EURO" is a continuation of charcoal kilns of the "EURO" series, which have been produced by GREENPOWER company since 2009. It was developed in 2014 and offered for sale in 2015.

Charcoal kiln CK-5 “EURO” refers to the fifth generation of charcoal kilns of “EURO” type, which are designed for low-temperature pyrolysis of carbon-containing materials (lump wood waste of logging and woodworking industries, firewood of soft and hard species, fuel briquettes (Pini-Kay, Nielsen, nestro, ruff) to obtain high quality charcoal and heat energy.  

The uniqueness of the “EURO” kiln technology is following: we do not move raw material from chamber to chamber, we move the process that provides high performance at relatively low cost. 

A detailed description of the technology of “EURO” type charcoal kilns.

Charcoal kiln CK-3 EURO

"EURO" technology allows the use of different raw materials for pyrolysis:

  • lump wood waste of logging and woodworking industries
  • wood of soft and hard species
  • fuel briquettes (pini-kay, Nielsen, nestro, ruff)
  • agricultural waste
  • shell of various nuts (coconut, walnut, hazelnut, etc.)

First of all, it should me mentioned the following advantages of the kiln:

  • It is possible to send two kilns in one vehicle
  • High productivity and PORTABILITY 
  • Reliable, maintainable and safe construction of the kiln
  • Operation is easy and safe
  • The absence of emissions during operation
  • Full process mechanization and automation
  • Low power consumption
  • It is possible to obtain thermal energy
  • Central control of complex of charcoal kilns is possible
  • The cost includes commissioning works and staff training
  •  Warranty period is 12(24) months
  • Charcoal holds the shape of raw materials
  • Not more than 1% of siftings
  • Charcoal kiln complies with all modern requirements
  • The kiln is delivered virtually fully assembled

Dimensions of the charcoal kiln

Description of the kiln

The charcoal burning kiln consists of 2 chambers equipped with flame tubes from heat-resistant steel (1000ᵒC) connected to chimney with deflector and furnace. The kiln includes 12 trolleys depending, platform to move the trolleys, trestle for loading of raw material and unloading of charcoal and an electric winch as well. The chambers can operate in "DRYING" and "PYROLYSIS" modes. Each chamber contains 3 trolleys and has a loading hatch to load/unload the trolleys. The chambers are equipped with gas-escape channels used to withdraw gas, emitted during the process of pyrolysis into the furnace. It provides maintenance of drying and pyrolysis  process, as well as the ecological cleanness of the process. There is a water seal connected to the chamber to stabilize pressure inside the chamber and to drain a condensate from the steam release pipe. The charcoal kiln is equipped with a chimney. All control elements are mechanized. A permanent recording of the main operating parameters is conducted. This allows to carry out an analysis of the kiln operation.

Charcoal kiln

Main kiln elements

1. Furnace chamber
2. Drying/pyrolysis chamber  
3. Trolley
4. Flame ways of the chamber
5. Damper of heat carrier supply to the chamber   
6. Chimney damper
7. Gas collector
8. Gas pipes (chamber-furnace connection)
9. Chimney (stationary part)
10. System of the process control
11. Furnace-chamber connection
12. Platform for moving of thr trolleys


The scheme of control  elements of the kiln
Т2 – t°C of steam-gas mixture of chamber А
Т3 – t°C inside the chamber А
Т4 – t°C of gas supply into chimney
Т5 – t°C of steam-gas mixture of chamber B
Т6 – t°C inside the chamber B
Т7 – t°C of gas supply into chamber A
Т8 – t°C of gas supply into chamber B
1 – damper of heat carrier supply to the chamber A
2 – damper of heat carrier supply to the chamber B
3 – chimney damper of chamber A
4 – chimney damper of chamber B
5 –valve for steam release from chamber A
6 –valve for steam release from chamber B
7 –valve for pyrolysis gas channel of chamber A
8 –valve for pyrolysis gas channel of chamber B
9 – valve for air supply under fire-grate
10 – chimney
11 – damper of the afterburning plug
12 – "snail" type furnace blower
A detailed description of the ELEMENTS of "EURO" type charcoal kilns
A detailed description of the operation of "EURO" type charcoal kilns
Productivity of charcoal kiln
Raw material parameters Output of charcoal, t/month
Freshly cut wood 20-30*
Pre-dried wood 30-40*
Fuel briquettes 35-50*

*The value of parameters depends on the following factors: moisture content of wood, species of wood (minimum humidity - poplar, maximum humidity - hornbeam, Crimean oak), the size of the piece. Increased humidity compared to the nominal (55% relative humidity) significantly reduces the output and increases the consumption of firewood for furnace. At relative humidity of 75% (freshly cut hardwood during the sap flow period) the productivity is reduced by 15-20%.

Model of the organization of the production site

Operation parameters of the kiln


Unit of measure


Maintenance staff for 1-3 kilns



Power consumption, not more than



Consumption of firewood for furnace**



Dimensions: length, width, height (*with afterburning plug)




The duration of full cycle






Warranty period



The standart delivery set of charcoal kiln CK-5 "EURO" fits into one truck with the volume of trailers not less than 86 m3. Two charcoal kilns can be loaded into one truck of Jumba type. It is possible to ship one set of equipment of CK-5 "EURO" in 40 ft container. In this case part of trolleys can be sent unassembled (watch the video "loading into truck").






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