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Technological line for active charcoal production on the basis of installation ACTIVE-1


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The line is designed for production of activated carbon. Activated charcoal is used in medicine, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Filters contained activated carbon are used in many modern models of devices for purification of different types of materials (water, air, etc.).

Installation Active-1Installation Active-1 in the various production lines can be used:

1. For pyrolysis, burning, calcining, activating of:

  • Mineral coal and charcoal, in order to obtain active charcoal, dolomite (kieselguhr), etc.;
  • Wood chips, nutshell, fruit kernels and other carbonaceous bulk materials in order to obtain charcoal and active charcoal.

2.    For drying, carbonization and calcination of raw materials of various types:

  • Mineral raw materials (that are used as  building materials);
  • Components of dry building mixtures;
  • Products of chemical industry;
  • Other products that require similar processes.

Scheme of the active charcoal obtaining process from carbonaceous materials

Scheme of the active charcoal obtaining process

Active charcoal from nutshell, apple tree pellets and apple tree chips

Active charcoal from nutshell    Active charcoal from apple tree pelletsActive charcoal from apple tree chips

Elements of the technological line for active charcoal production

  1. Equipment for the raw materials preparation for pyrolysis (cutting, crushing etc.). Depending on the types of raw materials used, in agreement with the Customer.
  2. Pyrolysis installation (charcoal kiln). Depending on the parameters of raw materials used for pyrolysis and the productivity of activation line.
  3. Installation for activation Active-1.
  4. Separator. Separation into fractions 0-10 mm and 10-20 mm.
  5. Disintegrator. Crushing to a fraction 0-50 µm.

​​Short description of the installation ACTIVE-1

Installation for activation Active-1

The kiln with a rotating drum chamber is a continuous device for thermal processing and activation (drying, pyrolysis, calcination, carbonization and activation) of different types of bulk materials and materials with a high porous system, i.e. of the charcoal. Its design provides for installation of burners on liquid, gaseous and solid fuels. Due to the small value of the thermal processing chamber, consistent use of installations is possible in order to conduct sequential processes.     

Technical characteristics of the installation for activation

Raw materials and capacity
Quantity of raw materials consumed tons/day 0,5 - 4,8
Capacity tons/day 0,25 - 2,7
Raw material fraction mm Depends on raw materials
Personnel and operation mode
Number of workers per shift ppl 2
Number of shifts pcs./h 3Ń…8, 2Ń…12
Qualification of the personnel required   secondary technical education
Estimated time of work per day h round-the-clock, or per shift
Estimated time of work per year days 340
Overall dimensions and infrastructure
Overall dimensions mm 7 800 Ń… 2 500 Ń… 3 800
The size of the site/workshop required for the gas generator operation m 12 000 Ń… 6 000 Ń… 5 000
Warehouse of the finished products (dry, with ventilation) m2 from 50
Warehouse of raw materials m2 from 100
Amount of water required for the activation process. The water is non-return. m3 4 - 45
Required power at peak load kW*h 4,5
Electricity consumption kW/month 3 060

General view of the installation

General view    Installation Active-1

Active-1 by GeenPower


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