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Charcoal kiln CK-4 "EURO"

In 2016, practically all elemnts of CK-3 EURO were modernized. The result was the appearance of CK-4 EURO - a continuation of charcoal kilns of the “EURO” line, which have been produced by GREENPOWER company since 2009

The main purpose of the kiln - production of charcoal and thermal energy by low-temperature pyrolysis.

Raw materials for the charcoal production:

  • Firewood and wood waste of soft and hard species (logging and woodworking waste) is used for production of ordinary charcoal.
  • Shell nuts (walnut, coconut, hazelnut, etc.) and pits of fruit trees (olive pits, peach pits, etc.) are used for production of briquettes, such as hookah charcoal.
  • Fuel briquettes (pini-kay, ruff, nestro). Charcoal from briquettes is superior to ordinary charcoal in all aspects. 

The uniqueness of the “EURO” kiln technology is following: we do not move raw material from chamber to chamber, we move the process that provides high performance at relatively low cost. With the help of valves the necessary mode is switched in the chamber: “DRYING” or “PYROLYSIS”. This allows to manage the process of gas emission during pyrolysis and has a positive effect on the quality of charcoal.

You can get more information about advantages of CK-4 EURO through the next link: "Advantages of the new design of charcoal kiln CK-4 EURO".

environmentally friendly charcoal kiln CK-4 “EURO”         The main advantages of the environmentally friendly charcoal kiln CK-4 “EURO”:

  • Minimal dimensions – maximal efficiency
  • High coefficient of efficiency
  • Completely mechanized control, loading/unloading of trolleys
  • Maximum even heating of raw material – high grade of charcoal or biochar
  • Fuel briquette doesn’t change its shape and structure
  • Not more than 3% of siftings
  • Construction is 100% safe    
  • It doesn’t require qualification of the maintenance staff  
  • Generation of heat or electricity
  • No assembly
  • Environmentally friendly technology

The most important advantage of CK-4 “EURO” is global elimination of all constructional shortcomings of the first, second and third generations of the “EURO” type charcoal kilns.

Charcoal kiln CK-4 “EURO”

Description of the kiln

The charcoal burning kiln consists of 2 chambers equipped with flame tubes from heat-resistant steel (1100ᵒC) connected to chimney with deflector and furnace. The kiln includes 12 or 16 trolleys depending on variant, platform to move the trolleys, trestle for loading of raw material and unloading of charcoal and an electric winch as well. The chambers can operate in "DRYING" and "PYROLYSIS" modes. Each chamber contains 3 or 4 trolleys (depending on the model) and has a loading hatch to load/unload the trolleys. The chambers are equipped with gas-escape channels used to withdraw gas, emitted during the process of pyrolysis into the furnace. It provides ecological cleanness of the process. The upper parts of the chambers equipped with pipes for steam release, emitted during the process of wood drying. There is a waterlock attached to the chamber to stabilize pressure inside the chamber and to drain a condensate from the steam release pipe. The charcoal kiln is equipped with a chimney. All the operating controls are mechanized. A permanent recording of the main operating parameters is conducted, that allows to carry out an analysis of the kiln operation.

Main parameters and dimensions of CK-4 “EURO”

Item Unit of measure EURO Notes
Productivity: on wood / on briquette* t/month 28-55 / 50-60 The productivity depends on: ambient temperature, species and types of raw materials, the relative humidity, the size of of the piece
Power consumption, not more kW/hour 1 It is indicated the maximum possible power consumption
Consumption of firewood for furnace m3/24 hours 0,3 Considering that the wood temperature > 0°C and the relative humidity does not exceed 55%
Overall dimensions: length, width, height mm




Without additional and auxiliary elements such as afterburner, platform, trestle, etc.
Duration of the complete cycle hours 12-32 Depends on: ambient temperature, humidity, type and size of wood piece 
Weight t 18 Without additional elements

* If the relative humidity is more than 50% (freshly cut wood during the sap flow period) the productivity reduces. By reducing the humidity and increasing the raw material density the productivity increases.

Dimensions of CK-4 “EURO”


Scheme of CK-4 EURO

Т1 – t°C furnace outlet
Т2 – t°C steam-gas chamber А
Т3 – t°C chamber А
Т4 – t°C chimney
Т5 – t°C steam-gas chamber B
Т6 – t°C chamber B
Т7 – t°C inlet of chamber A
Т8 – t°C inlet of chamber B
1 – furnace damper of chamber A
2 – furnace damper of chamber B
3 – chimney damper of chamber A
4 – chimney damper of chamber B
5 –valve of steam channel of chamber A
6 –valve of steam channel of chamber B
7 –valve of gas channel of chamber A
8 –valve of gas channel of chamber B
9 – valve of the air supply into furnace mixing chamber
10 – chimney
11 – damper of the afterburning plug
12 – blower

Description of kiln elements

Description of kiln elements

1.The furnace chamber. It is made of refractory materials that are isolated from the outer part. Wood waste, natural gas or pyrolysis products can be used as fuel. It is connected by means of channels with both drying/pyrolysis chambers and afterburning plug. It is equipped with blower, ash catcher, ash pan, fire-grate, etc. It consists of two parts; one part is used to heat the chamber and the other one to burn the excess products of pyrolysis.

The furnace chamberAsh pit of the kiln

2. Drying/pyrolysis chamber to the number of two pieces with a general wall. They are connected by means of channels and dampers with furnace chamber and chimney pipe.  

3. Trolley (volume of 1,36 m3) with supporting grids. Loading, drying and pyrolysis of raw material and after that cooling and stabilizing of charcoal take place there.


4. The flame tubes of drying/pyrolysis chambers. The heat carrier moves through the heating flues and heats the raw materials in the trolleys up to the necessary temperature.

The flame tubes of drying/pyrolysis chambers

5. and 6. Slide dampers of the furnace chamber and chimney. They provide process control, change of drying/pyrolysis modes.

Slide dampers of the furnace chamber and chimney

7. Gas collector. Steam during drying and products of carbonization during pyrolysis are moved out from trolleys to furnace through this collector.  

8. Gas pipes (chamber-furnace connection). Products of pyrolysis are supplied through these pipes into the furnace chamber, where they are burned to maintain the process.

Gas pipesGas pipes of CK-4 EURO

9. Chimney. includes deflector, fixed and removable part. The removable part is isolated from environmental influences and heat loss. Deflector of chimney is used to increase traction and prevent the influence of a side wind. 

10. Control panel, process controlling elements. Include measuring and computing devices, actuating mechanisms: thermocouples signal lamps, sound and light alarms, actuators, limit switches, blower, etc.

11. Furnace-chamber connection. Made of heat-resistant insulating materials.

Furnace-chamber connection

12. Platform to transfer the trolleys. It simplifies loading/unloading of trolleys in/out of the chamber. It is used to transfer 3 or 4 trolleys at once. 

13. Afterburning plug. It is used for afterburning of axcess pyrolysis products and can be equipped in addition with waste heat boiler for the selection of excess heat. 

14. Water seal. It used to stabilize the pressure within the chamber and collect condensate from steam channel.

CK-4 EURO and platforms used to transfer the trolleys

CK-4 EURO and platforms used to transfer the trolleys 

Considering that raw material preparation, loading of wood into the trolleys, cooling of charcoal in the trolleys, charcoal unloading, sorting and packing take place outside the kiln construction, kiln operating cycle includes only wood “drying” and “pyrolysis”. Thus the declared productivity of CK-4 EURO kiln is achieved due to the competent organization of the complete technological process - from preparation of raw material to the packing of the ready products!

Charcoal from briquettes Pini-kay in trolleysinstalled in trolleys

Short description of kiln operation

Preliminary prepared wood (Ø<150 mm, length <330 mm) or pini-kay briquette should be placed into the trolleys.Then trolleys are moved to the drying/pyrolysis chamber switched to the “drying” mode. Each chamber can be loaded with 3 or 4 trolleys depending on the kiln model, volume of trolley is 1,36 m3, capacity of each trolley is up to 0,75 t of briquette.

After the loaded wood was completely dried, that can be seen on the readings of thermosensors, this chamber is switched to the “pyrolysis” mode, at the same time the produced pyrolysis gases are supplied into the furnace chamber, where they are burnt to support the process. Residual heat from the “pyrolysis” mode chamber is supplied into the “drying” mode chamber, excess heat emitted due to the exothermic reaction is used for heat generation.  Ceasing of pyrolysis gas emission and readings of thermocouples indicate about the end of the pyrolysis process. Then “drying” mode chamber is switched to the “pyrolysis” mode, and the “pyrolysis” mode chamber – to the “drying” mode, it occurs simultaneously and synchronously. The trolleys with produced charcoal are taken out of the chamber where the process was finished and placed on the area for cooling. The empty chamber in “drying” mode is filled with new portion of wood or briquette. The cycle is repeated. After complete trolleys cooling, charcoal unloading is carried out for its stabilization.

Kiln operating principle («chamber B pyrolysis/chamber А drying»)

Kiln operating principle («chamber B pyrolysis/chamber А drying»)

For convenience of operation CK-4 “EURO” can be equipped with auxiliary equipment:

  • Grids for trolleys. Accelerate the process of trolleys loading and unloading. It is possible to use for pyrolysis of waste fines.
  • Dismountable shed. It makes possible to operate the kiln by any weather conditions.
  • Emergency supply of controlling and measuring system (48 hours). Provides electricity in case of  emergency shutdown of  exterior electrical network.
  • Waste-heat boiler. It helps to use excess heat emitted in the process for housekeeping needs.
  • GSM logger. Remote control of kiln operation. 
  • Remote control and operation. Helps to control and operate several kilns at once.
  • Afterburner. It allows to burn the maximum possible volume of gas using dry or very dense materials for pyrolysis.
  • Trestle. It is used for trolleys loading / unloading, refers to logistics equipment that ensuring process continuity.
  • Universal device for moving large equipment. The kit includes four rollers. Lifting capacity is up to 15 tons.


CK-4 EURO presentation

CK-3 EURO-m operation in Turkey

CK-3 EURO-m operation in Spain


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