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Heat generator fueled with sawdust and phytogenic waste

The heat generator is used to process low grade waste fuel consisting of woodworking waste (wood chips, sawdust, shavings, cuttings and slab), sunflower husks, straw, unconditioned seeds of plants and others into the heat energy. This complex solves the problem of utilization and cheap heat supply, ready for connection to heating systems: drying chambers, industrial, office and dwelling rooms, greenhouse complexes etc. The complex is recommended to be used along with briquetting and granulating lines. The efficiency of heat energy production is reached due to the gas generator that provides complete combustion of fuel as well as gases produced in the process. As a result there is a high coefficient of efficiency and absence of emissions during the work of complex.

Installation completeness variants
1. Additional hopper for bulk fuel and conveyer screw to feed the fuel.
2. Heat generator and hopper.
3. Water or air heat exchanger.
4. Electronic module and system sensor of automatic regulation of fuel supply and burning.

Short description of technology
Sawdust (shavings) or wood chips are filled into the hopper and then move into the heat generator. Fuel is fed under the force of gravity or by means of screw that provides dosed supply of fuel into the heat generator where the process of gasification takes place, i.e. the process of complete conversion of fuel into the fire gasses (residual ash content <1%). There is a simple and well-tested method of solid fuel conversion into the gaseous fuel implemented in the heat generator. In the stage of gasification the fuel supplied in a measured amount to the chamber of gassing is heated by the burning hot reactor, decomposes into carbon, water vapor, resins and oils. The further reaction between carbon and atmospheric oxygen provides the necessary temperature for creation of carbon monoxide (CO), the main combustible component of the produced gas. Resins and oils are decomposed into gases containing hydrogen; the principle of “clean pipe” is realized. The minimal calorific value of gas is 1100 kcal/m3. Gas-burning torch is directed into the heat exchanger where the heating of air or water takes place. Controller-programmer provides support and regulation of heat carrier’s temperature.

Main advantages
1. Conversion of sawdust into the combustible gas – gasification of fuel provides practically complete combustion of fuel containing from 6 to 70% of moisture.
2. Installation coefficient of efficiency (80-85%).
3. Construction of the hopper prevents from adhering and provides even supply of raw material.
4. High accuracy of heat carrier’s temperature positively influences the initial quality of wood using heating complex of drying chambers.
5. There are no emissions in the process of installation operation. There is no need to install a system of sparks suppression and cleaning of furnace gases because of practically complete combustion of fuel (produced 1% of ash).
6. Automatic mode of dosed fuel supply, no need in continuous preens of maintaining staff.

Our installations are used at tens of enterprises of Ukraine; similar complex is operated at our enterprise. The installation is repaid in 1-2 heating seasons and the most important is that it saves you from necessity to remove the waste and provides you with independent heating.



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