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Charcoal kiln CK-2 «EURO»

CK-2 “EURO”  - the main purpose is low-temperature wood pyrolysis of lumpy wood waste of lumbering and firewood of soft- and hardwood species, and also fuel briquettes (pini-key, nestro, ruff) for the purpose of high-grade charcoal or biochar production.

The uniqueness of the kiln is following: we do not move raw material from chamber to chamber, as it happens in similar kilns using the method of supplying heat through the wall. We move the process that provides high performance at relatively low cost. By means of valves the necessary mode is switched in the chamber: “DRYING” or “PYROLYSIS”, this allows to manage the process of gassing during the pyrolysis, which positively affects the quality of charcoal.

The main advantages of CK-2 EURO:

  • Reliable, simple, time-tested designCharcoal kiln CK-2 «EURO»
  • Proven logistics scheme (raw materials-finished products)
  • Ease of use
  • Absolutely safety operation
  • Absence of emissions during operation
  • High productivity at a relatively small size
  • Maximum mechanization and automation of process control
  • Modern and reliable materials are used in the design
  • Low power consumption
  • It is possible to generate heat energy
  • It is possible the central control of kilns complex
  • The manufacturer provides installation, start-up of the kiln and training

CK-2 "EURO" is produced in two versions:

  • CK-2 “EURO”. Mechanized control.  The most completed kiln. The chambers produced from stainless steel partially.
  • CK-2 “EURO-S”. The chambers produced from stainless steel. Mechanized control.  The most completed kiln.

Pyrolysis plant from GreenPower Company on the basis of the charcoal kiln CK-2 "EURO"

Pyrolysis plant from GreenPower Company on the basis of the charcoal kiln CK-2 "EURO"

Charcoal-burning kiln CK “EURO" had been produced by GREENPOWER since 2009 till 2013. In 2013 on its basis absolutely new charcoal-burning kilns such as CK-2 “EURO” and CK-2 “EURO-S” were created. The principle of construction implemented in CK-2 EURO  and CK-2 EURO-S doesn’t differ from the previous kiln. The main differences are connected with increase of efficiency coefficient, safety and reliability of the kiln as well as complete mechanization of control suitable for remote control and automation.

Environmentally friendly charcoal kiln CK-2 EURO

When planning production you should take into account that the costs associated with operation of 1-3 kilns are virtually identical!


The kiln consists of 2 chambers with chimney, furnace (heat generator) including built-in afterburning plug and 16 trolleys for raw material. Each chamber is connected to the furnace and chimney with deflector, also chambers are interconnected. The kiln design provides a chamber modes "drying" and "pyrolysis" without requiring movement of raw materials. The kiln is controlled by changing the position of the five dampers.
The chambers can be made from ferrous metal and stainless steel partially as well as completely from stainless acid- and heat-resistant steel that significantly helps to increase service life of the kiln. The chambers are equipped with flue pipes from heat-resistant steel (1100ᵒC). Due to the changes of chamber walls construction and flue pipes the heat losses are reduced during operation (no less than 5 years). The products of drying/pyrolysis don’t get into the chamber space therefore don’t get into the workroom – the chambers and premise remain clean. The chambers are equipped with gas-escape channel used to direct the gas emitted in the process of pyrolysis into the furnace that provides environmental safety of the process.

16 trolleys included into the delivery set provide continuous process. The kiln refers to the equipment operated twenty-four-hour under operator’s control. Trolley volume is 1,35m3 carrying capacity is 1 t. of wood or 0,75 t. of briquettes. Each chamber fits 4 trolleys, according to this:  

  • 4 trolleys in the “pyrolysis” mode chamber
  • 4 trolleys in the “drying” mode chamber
  • 4 trolleys for cooling
  • 4 trolleys for loading/unloading

Fire chamber is a “heart” of the kiln. It can work on firewood as well on pyrolysis or natural gas. Backup fuel (wood or pyrolysis gas) is used only to start the operating mode of the kiln, also can be used in case of high moisture content of raw material and bad weather conditions. It is produced from high-grade refractory materials – imported or domestic production. Fire burners made from refractory concrete and avoid overflow of pyrolysis products. Refractory layer of the furnace is provided with several heat insulating layers. The temperature of furnace outside wall doesn’t exceed 70oC by the internal temperature 1350oC. The furnace is equipped with revision holes for ash removal.    

Chimney pipe has a great importance since it must ensure the traction of the kiln, this ensures by height, chimney insulation and deflector instalation at the top of chimney.

Components of the kiln

Components of the kiln

1. Furnace of the kiln                                           14. Furnace-chamber connection, refractory concrete channel
2. Chamber of drying/pyrolysis 15. Chamber-chamber connection
3.  Trolley 16. Chimney damper
4.  Platform to transfer the trolleys 17. Chimney base
5.  Electric winch 18. Chamber door
6.  Portable trestle 19. Chamber door bracket
7.  Chimney 20. Heating tubes of the chamber
8.  Chimney deflector 21. Control panel
9.  Pipe of the afterburning plug 22. Inspection window of reheat chamber
10. Steam pipe 23. Furnace door
11. Pyrolysis gas pipe 24. Furnace ashpit
12. Pipe of forced air supply into the furnace 25. Built-in collector of the trolley
13. Blower of forced air supply into the furnace  

Short description of kiln operation

Loading of the trolleys with firewood1-3 kilns is maintained by 3 persons, 1 - operator, 2 - assistants. Productivityof the kiln depends on the raw material parameters and is up  to 45 t / month of charcoal by using wood and up to 60 t / month by using fuel briquettes (pini-kay, ruff, nestro). The kiln design is 100% safe and time-tested. It is ideal for use on the territory of the woodworking enterprises with the purpose of processing industrial waste into charcoal. The main advantage is a high quality of the charcoal. During the pyrolysis wood and fuel briquettes almost do not change their form and structure and dropout number is less than 1%!

Preliminary prepared wood (Ø<150 mm, length <330 mm) or pini-kay briquette should be placed into the trolleys. Then trolleys are moved into the drying/pyrolysis chamber which is turned to the “drying” mode. When the loaded wood is completely dried that is indicated by readings of thermocouples, this chamber is switched to the “pyrolysis” mode. At the same time the produced pyrolysis gases are directed into the furnace where they are burnt to support the process. Residual heat from the “pyrolysis” mode chamber is directed into the “drying” mode chamber.  Ceasing of pyrolysis gas emission and readings of thermocouples indicate about the end of pyrolysis process. Then “drying” mode chamber is switched into the “pyrolysis”, and the “pyrolysis” mode chamber – in to the “drying”, it occurs simultaneously and synchronously. The trolleys with produced charcoal are taken out the chamber where the process was finished and placed on the area for cooling. The empty chamber in “drying” mode is filled with new portion of wood or briquette. The cycle is repeated.


Scheme of heat carrier motion between the chambers

Scheme of heat carrier motion between the chambers

During operation it is recommended to use mobile platforms to move trolleys at the site. Also we recommend to use stationary trestles for raw materials loading, charcoal cooling in the trolleys and charcoal unloading from trolleys. Additionaly the site can be equipped with special chamber, which significantly reduces cooling time of the trolleys and this allows to minimize the number of trolleys used to ensure the continuous process.

 CK-2 “EURO” can be equipped with auxiliary equipment:

  • Large trolley. It is installed instead 3 or 4 trolleys in one chamber. Provide more uniform process, simplifies the logistics of raw materials and finished products circulationю
  • Meshes for trolleys. Accelerate the process of trolleys loading and unloading. It is possible to use for pyrolysis of waste fines.
  • Dismountable shed. It makes possible to operate the kiln by any weather conditions.
  • Emergency supply of controlling and measuring system (48 hours). Provides electricity in case of  emergency shutdown of  exterior electrical network.
  • Waste-heat boiler. It helps to use excess heat emitted in the process for housekeeping needs.
  • GSM logger. Remote control of kiln operation. 
  • Remote control and operation. Helps to control and operate several kilns at once.
  • Afterburner. It allows to burn the maximum possible volume of gas using dry or very dense materials for pyrolysis.
  • Trestle. It is used for trolleys loading / unloading, refers to logistics equipment that ensuring process continuity.

Charcoal from Pini-kay briquette

Charcoal from Pini-kay briquette

Charcoal from firewood

Charcoal from firewood

Main parameters and dimensions of CK-2 “EURO”

Name of parameter Unit of measure Value
Productivity: by wood / by briquette t/month 25-45/85-90
Power consumption, max kW / hour 1
Furnace firewood consumption* m3/24 hours 0,2
Overall dimensions: length, width, height mm 4750х8800х2400
Duration of complete cycle hours 18-30
Weight kg 13500

* Value of parameters depends on the following factors: humidity of wood, wood species (min. poplar, max. hornbeam, Crimean oak); the size of a piece. Excess humidity comparing to the nominal (55% relative humidity) significantly reduces productivity and rises consumption of furnace firewood.  Upon 75% of relative humidity (freshly cut hardwood in a sap flow period) the productivity reduces at 15-20%.

No. Type of wood

Weight of absolutely
dry wood, kg/m3

Output*, kg
1 Hornbeam 630 220
2 Oak, maple, ash 550 190
3 Larch, elm 520 180
4 Birch 500 170
5 Pine, aspen, lime-tree, spruce 400 130
6 Poplar 380 120
7 “pini-kay” briquette p=1,3 1 235 430

* Charcoal percentage output can be changed downwards depending on region, location, season and conduction of drying/pyrolysis.

Kiln warranty is 12 months.

Standard completing unit of charcoal-burning kiln CK-2 “EURO” fits 86m3 trailer (truck, TIR) Besides one unit of CK-2 “EURO” fits 40 ft. container OT.  At the same time a part of trolleys can be shipped disassembled. (Watch the video of “loading into the trailer”)



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