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Portable charcoal kiln CK "Ugolkov"

The main difference between the charcoal kiln CK "Ugolkov" and its predecessors is a convenient loading of raw materials into the chamber, in contrast towith the CBK- 5, as well as quick and easy charcoal unloading, in contrast with CK "Bezzolnaya". Portable charcoal kiln is easily transported from place to place that provides production mobility and makes possible operation in arduous places.

Portable charcoal burning kiln CK UgolkovDue to the smoke reducing system the quantity of emissions declines to 50%. CK "Ugolkov " is a pyrolysis kiln that allows to recycle wood from 20 to 300 mm in diameter, the number of fraction less than 20 mm is reduced to zero. Charcoal percent yield is 30% of the loaded wood specific gravity (1 m3 of oak = 160 - 180 kg of charcoal).
Large retail chains, restaurants and barbecue lovers are the main consumers of such charcoal.
Charcoal produced in the kilns of this type is highly appreciated because it keeps heat longtime and doesn’t break into pieces.


The main advantages of the kiln are:

  •  The short working cycle. 15 cycles per a month.
  • Absolute mobility.
  • The operation of the kiln does not need water or power.
  • Unloading takes 1 - 1.5 hours without injury to operating staff.
  • Low cost.
  • All work safety regulations are kept in the kiln.
  • The construction provides smoke reducing system.
  • Absense of incompletely burned material.
  • High charcoal yield from 1m3 of wood.
  • High reliability. The design uses heat-resistant materials.

                                                                                                 Charcoal Burning Kilns Ugolkov

CK "Ugolkov" is certified and has passed all manufacturing tests. Nowadays this kiln has become one of the most popular models in the various countries of the world among small and medium-sized businesses. Portable charcoal kiln CK "Ugolkov" is worthy replacing the proven over the years charcoal kiln CK "Bezzolnaya".





General parameters of charcoal burning kilns "Ugolkov"

Installation name CK "Ugolkov"
Productivity, (kg/cycle)*, not less 1100 - 1300
Volume of the charcoal burning chamber, m³ 12
Volume of raw material for pyrolysis, m3 8,4
Duration of complete work cycle, hours* 30-44
Consumption of firewood for fire chamber, m3 per 24 hours, not more 0,4

Overall dimensions, mm:
          -  length
          -  width
          -  height

1980 / 2467 / 4270
Weight, kg, not more 2 600


You can find out more about the charcoal kiln in the nearest region from you by sending an inquiry.
You can purchase the kilns with delivery anywhere in the globe. Kindly contact our representative in your country or our central office. All charcoal burning kilns from Greenpower have 12 months warranty.
We provide quality service of our charcoal burning kilns.
We pay great attention to the development of charcoal production technology.
Our charcoal burning kilns are proven worldwide!




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