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Sales launch of the NEW model of the charcoal kiln EKKO-2

The main advantage of the EKKO-2 is a significant increase in efficiency, reliability and level of automation.

Successful comissioning works of charcoal kiln CK-4 "EURO" in Egypt

In December 2018, GreenPower specialists successfully launched the charcoal kiln CK-4 EURO.

Launch of three charcoal kilns СК-4 "EURO" in Indonesia

GreenPower is pleased to inform you that in November 2018 its products were commissioned in Indonesia. 

Сommissioning works in Bosnia

In December 2018, GreenPower specialists put into operation a CK-1 "EKKO" charcoal kiln in Bosnia.

Automated control system (ACS)

Since 2009, GreenPower has been manufacturing pyrolysis eco-friendly charcoal kilns, performance and durability, which depends mainly on... »

Contact drying of wood for improving the productivity of charcoal kilns

GreenPower offers its customers a new development - contact drying of wood.

Successful completion of two launches of the charcoal kilns CK-4 EURO in Malaysia

In August 2018, two charcoal kilns CK-4 EURO produced by GreenPower were successfully commissioned near the city of Kuala Lumpur,... »

GreenPower congratulates its partners from Carbosur, Mexico!

The contribution of Carbosur to the development of the region's industry has been acknowledged by the... »

Commissioning works in Ivanovo, Russian Federation

In August 2018, GreenPower specialists put into operation a CK-5 "EURO" charcoal kiln in Ivanovo, Russian Federation.

The launch of the newest model of the charcoal kiln - CK-1 EKKO - in Kharkiv, Ukraine

We are very pleased to inform you that in July 2018 in Kharkiv region, Ukraine, we successfully launched our newest model of the... »


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