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Briquette specialized charcoal burning kiln CK-1 ECСO

Meet the result of latest engineer design and development - newest charcoal burning kiln, specialized for briquette burning.

Launch of new charcoal burning kiln CK-2 EURO in Bulgaria

Launch of new charcoal burning kiln CK-2 EURO and staff training, march 2016, Bulgaria.

Launch of charcoal kilns CK-3 EURO-m in SAR

Two charcoal kilns CK-3 EURO-m were put into operation in SAR in March 2016.

Charcoal burning complex in Spain

At the beginning of 2016 in Spain, Burgos region there was an installation of the charcoal burning complex consisting of 2 units of... »

Charcoal produced with our kiln in Saudi Arabia

Pini Kay charcoal is becoming more and more popular among charcoal producers all over the... »

Planned reattestation and maintenance works in Malaysia

Reattestation of the personnel and planned maintenance works were conducted by GREENPOWER in... »

The launch of charcoal burning kiln CK-3 EURO-S-m in Croatia

In December 2015 the charcoal kiln CK-3 EURO-S-m was successfully installed and put into operation in Croatia.

Start up of the charcoal kiln CK-3 EURO-S-m in Egypt

One more environmentally friendly kiln has been installed by our representative in Egypt. CK-3 EURO-S-m is completely made of stainless... »

A visit of a customer from Italy in Bulgaria and Ukraine

Company GREENPOWER is honored to open its doors to meet guests all over the world.

In October we had a meeting with Mr. Bassam... »

Visit of GREENPOWER partners from Brazil and the United States

The important event for the company GREENPOWER in the end of October was the visit of partners Joao... »


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