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GreenPower ™ Annual Progress Report

1. Achievements for EKKO charcoal kilns
1.1. Automated control system for the carbonation process 

1.2. “Childhood diseases of the kiln” were eliminated. The design of the kiln was maximally strengthened and made convenient for service, these upgrades included

1.3. The charcoal kiln EKKO-4 was developed and will be released in the first quarter of 2021

1.4. The EKKO-2 charcoal kiln has gained wide recognition in different parts of the world.

2. Achievements for Bio-Kiln charcoal kilns:

2.1. Mechanization system for loading raw materials into the kiln and unloading finished coal. The system works using reliable and proven raw material sensors located in the kiln storage hopper, together with charcoal sensors developed by GreenPower located in the kiln’s charcoal discharge hopper.

2.2. Automated control system for the carbonization process. ACS allows full control of the process of loading raw materials and unloading finished charcoal from the kiln. It also allows consistent control over the content of non-volatile carbon in charcoal .

3. A project for a new series of ECO-Carbon furnaces has been developed, on the basis of the old charcoal kiln CK-2 EURO, it is planned to start testing the furnace in 2021.

4. Improvement of the GreenPower Order service system


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