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Beware of unscrupulous carbonization furnace manufacturers

Charcoal kilns – pyrolysis installations, exposed to aggressive environment: temperature, products of drying-pyrolysis of raw materials. A new charcoal kiln must be properly tested, namely:
  1. Testing of equipment and components at the manufacturer’s plant, not less than 12 months
  2. Testing of equipment and components at the enterprises of Consumers, at least 5 Companies

The installation that has not passed these tests can easily break down within 12 months, while the manufacturer will refuse the Warranty due to the consumer’s violation of the operating conditions. Automation – partially solves the problem of equipment failure, but the Customer’s personnel must undergo compulsory training and pass certification for the ability to service a charcoal kiln, about which the owner must receive a written report from the manufacturer’s company.
Making charcoal is easy, it is difficult to make equipment that will ensure stable production of charcoal, i.e. without technological stops, of the same high quality that meets the requirements of consumers. Charcoal kiln manufacturers often understand only superficially the charcoal production process, you can easily understand this by the clear signs.


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