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New developments of GreenPower

GreenPower Company does not stand still and is constantly working on the development of the new equipment for the charcoal production and improvement of previous models of existing series - all for to offer maximum benefits to our Clients.

BIO-KILN-2 is a new model of the charcoal kilns of the shaft-type Bio-kiln series. It is larger in dimensions and higher in performance. Using BIO-KILN-2 will allow you to get up to 60 tons of charcoal per month, using olive pits, wood chips, pits of other fruit trees and various nutshells as a raw material. The operation of the kiln is more automated, that will allow you to get maximum profit with minimal physical exertion. Furthermore, high performance will give you the opportunity to the kiln to be paid off during the year. Charcoal from BIO-KILN-2 can be used as biochar (the best natural fertilizer to date), processed into hookah charoal or activated charcoal.

CK EKKO-8 – is the next eight-chamber model of the EKKO series that will solve the issue of those Clients who need high performance. The kiln consists of 8 identical chambers connected to a furnace and chimney common to all chambers. At the same time for the raw materials and obtained charcoal reusable packaging is used - trolleys. The charcoal kiln is equipped with an ACS system, with the possibility of remote control and process control. There are no emissions of harmful pyrolysis products into the atmosphere during its operation, so the equipment is totally environmentally friendly.

Follow our updates and very soon we hope to please you with our latest products on sale.



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