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The first flagship charcoal kiln CK-3 “EURO-m” was dispatched to Uzhgorod in Ukraine

On October 20, 2014 the new age of charcoal-burning has begun. The charcoal kiln CK-3 “EURO-m” which is of the highest capacity as for its dimensions was sent to its lucky owner.

The charcoal kiln CK-3 “EURO-m”

Due to well-coordinated work of the “Greenpower’s” engineering department it was managed to reach an overwhelming productivity by comparatively moderate dimensions. The main task for engineers-constructors was to enable transportation of CK-3 “EURO-m” charcoal kiln in 40’ sea container. At the same time the productivity mustn’t be reduced but increased. And they perfectly met the challenge. Now the customers spend much less charges for delivery of equipment, thus profitability grows and payback time of the charcoal kiln gets shorter.

Charcoal kiln CK-3 EURO

After fundamental changes in the construction of equipment for charcoal production it became easier to control the process of wood drying and pyrolysis. At the same time charcoal of the highest grade corresponding to the world standards is produced. CK-3 “EURO-m” still is the sole equipment for new-generation charcoal production from pini kay briquette.

The new kiln, as opposed to its younger predecessor, contains four trolleys per each chamber. That means there are sixteen trolleys in the delivery kit. The productivity rises at 25%. Mechanized control reduces an influence of the human factor  to a minimum.    

As a whole all these increases profitability of production and makes your business investment-attractive.


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