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Start-up of CK-2 “EURO-S” charcoal kiln in Serres, Greece

There are fewer places in the world where no charcoal kilns of “GreenPower”. Thus another start-up of our equipment for charcoal production took place last week in Serres, Greece.

Charcoal production

Perfect premises, good illumination, clever layout of CK-2 “EURO-S” are the guarantee of stable and prosperous business. The work of the staff is simplified due to the platform and electric winch.   


All workers were taught and trained by our specialist.

Charcoal in this old city is produced from oak containing min. 45% of moisture.

Control and measuring device

Charcoal output from one trolley is about 220 kg that means more than 40 tons per month for 30 hour cycle.

Ready charcoal

The second charcoal burning kiln has already been delivered to the customer and it will be started in the nearest time.

Ready-made products undergo stabilization before forwarding to the customers.

Ready-made products

Charcoal produced by CK-2 “EURO-S” kilns corresponds to the mark A (GOST 7657-84)

Usually by tradition the first charcoal is used for barbeque.

By tradition the first charcoal is used for barbeque

It is planned to expand the production capacity up to 5 units of CK-2 “EURO-S”.


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