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One more CK-2 “EURO-S” was started in Ukraine

One more charcoal kiln CK-2 “EURO-S” was put into operation in Ukraine, Kyiv region, Bodenki village.

Charcoal kiln CK-2 “EURO-S” in Ukraine, Kyiv region

The kiln was installed in the premise that has a favorable effect on the staff working in a winter season.

Trolleys of charcoal kiln CK-2 “EURO-S”

Our specialist conducted commissioning works and staff training. Freshly cut hornbeam containing 70% of moisture and with density of 750 kg/m3 is used as raw material. Charcoal output is 35% according to the stated parameters.

Charcoal from freshly cut hornbeam

The complex was equipped with a new control panel which helps to produce charcoal with required characteristics.

New control panel

Our kilns are environmentally friendly; a stork sitting on the chimney deflector of the working kiln is a best confirmation of this.

Stork sitting on the chimney deflector of the working kiln

The second kit of the equipment is almost ready to be delivered to the satisfied customer.


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