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Our representative office was opened in Gaziantep, Turkey

Opening of new representative office in Gaziantep

We are glad to inform you about the opening of new representative office in Gaziantep, Turkey, where charcoal-burning kiln CK-2 EURO-S was started. The startup of CK-2 EURO-S was carried out with the participation of specialist from Greenpower Company.

Initially the equipment for charcoal production was planned to be used as exhibition sample but having seen the performance of charcoal kiln our distributor decided to purchase one more set and seriously engaged in charcoal-burning.




Loading raw material into the trolleysOak containing 55-65% of moisture is used as raw material.

It should be noted that plant is equipped with the last version of charcoal-burning kiln – CK-2 EURO-S, which includes mechanization of control system, built-in collector of pyrolysis products, drying/pyrolysis chambers made from stainless steel that significantly prolongs service life of the kiln.

The platform equipped with electric winch is used for convenient loading/unloading of trolleys. The platform with trolleys is moved along the site by the railroad.



Charcoal output makes 1 300 kg from two chambers. As a result, the produced charcoal corresponds to European standards (Din, Din+) and GOST 7657-84.

Obtained charcoal


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