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New charcoal-burning site in Oxford

Charcoal kiln CK EURO-S now works in Oxford, Great Britain. The kiln was produced from stainless steel, equiped with mechanization of control system and built-in collector.

Charcoal kiln CK EURO-S in Oxford, Great Britain

The owner of new kiln, Mr. Williams, is really satisfied and enjoys its operation, he said: “The biggest product I had was waste wood. “I started making charcoal and people wanted it, but I realised there must be a better way of producing it.So I started scouring the world to find the best technology for charcoal and found there was a far more efficient system in Ukraine.”

CK EURO-S produced from stainless steel

Mr. Williams hopes to sell most of his charcoal to tandoori restaurants, garden centres and individual customers.

Most of the UK’s supply is imported and often comes from mangrove swamps, rainforests and other endangered habitats. And its production is in-efficient, often requiring seven kilos of wood for every kilo of charcoal produced. It is a problem which Matt Williams is now tackling head on, having just imported what he believes is the largest charcoal kiln in the country from Ukraine.


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