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Updated panel of control and measuring devices for charcoal-burning kiln CK “EURO”.

Control and measuring devices for charcoal-burning kiln

As our products are widely spread all over the world and correspondently operates in different climatic conditions, reliable protection of control and measuring devices is required.

Henceforth the door of the panel is airtight and protects the contents from water and dust, at the same time providing continuous work and prolongs service life.

Having locked the panel there is no reason to worry about equipment safety.

The panel is more compact now due to the new layout of components.

“ALARM” button helps instantly to avoid the emergency situation.

Temperature readings are placed horizontally on the logger display that provides understandable reflection of the processes flow in the chambers of  charcoal-burning kilns CK “EURO".

The logger display

The mnemocircuit clearly reflects all the processes running in the real time mode.

The mnemocircuit ”

Airtight slots of the lead-in communications of IP-66 protection class avoid ingress of moisture and sand completely.



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