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Failed production of CK EURO

"As soon as the artist becomes commercially successful, he becomes counterfeited."

Charcoal burning kilns of company Greenpower became so popular that foreign charlatans are trying to imitate them.

Our staff was very surprised to see poor excuse for our charcoal burning kiln CK "EURO" in Razgrad, Bulgaria.

It was incompetently made charcoal kiln with all the possible violations of technology and safety.

The quality of the materials mustn’t even be mentioned because everything is clear on the photograph.

Poor excuse for our kiln

Moreover the output is anything only vaguely resembles charcoal, besides it is dangerous for life of charcoal burners.

When the "Happy owners" of this miracle observed the process , they were mentally counting the amount of fines from environmentalists.

Of course, at the same time that useless pile of metal was sent to a graveyard, where it’s the right kind of place.

kilns to landfill

Beware of fakes, only the original equipment for charcoal production by "Greenpower " is able to bring you a steady income without the threat to human life and the environment.

Original equipment


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