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New Charcoal Burning Kiln CK-3 "ECO-Ugolkov" came into the market

The charcoal burning kiln is used for processing of low quality and non-market wood, as well as wood waste lumps into high-quality charcoal. It’s also possible to process all kinds of briquettes from plant materials (Pini Kay briquettes, Ruf).

In the charcoal burning kiln we used  well-studied and proven principle of raw materials indirect heating, which is being successfully used in the CK EURO since 2009, and means  we do not move the raw materials from chamber to chamber, we only move the process. That provides high performance at relatively low cost. Formed pyrolysis products are burned in the fire chamber, guaranteeing the absence of emissions.

The field of charcoal burning kiln “Eco-Ugolkov” application is different ownership enterprises, dealing with wood preparing and processing. The kiln is maintained by 2-3 people; capacity is up to 40 tons of high quality charcoal per month. The kiln construction is 100% safe. It’s ideal for use on the woodworking industry areas, as well as in close proximity to raw materials sources.



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