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Mobility of charcoal-kiln CK EURO

Those who work with wood understand that one day wood will over and it will take more costs and distance to bring the raw material for charcoal at the production area. At once the question arises regarding the mobility of charcoal burning area.

Proceeding from the existing wood prices and transport charges (different in different regions) it’s believed that in order to produce charcoal from wood maximum 100 km distance from the production area is the most effective for raw material delivery. Of course the closer the better!

In the middle of May our partners who have production area not far from Kharkov airport came to the same situation when the resources of main raw material (apple, pear etc.) were completely used up. It wasn’t reasonable to bring oak and birch in this region. Thus the leaders of enterprise decided to move closer to the main suppliers of raw material.

Mobility of charcoal burning areaCharcoal production site

Disassembling of equipment for charcoal production consisting of two charcoal kilns CK EURO took 3 days. It took one day for transfer by means of one autocrane and two trucks for more than 100 km distance. In three days the kilns were assembled and started up.

New production area for charcoal has a stock of wood for a year ahead.


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