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New production site for obtaining charcoal in Bulgaria.

In October 2013 installation supervision, starting-up and adjustment works of the first charcoal-burning kiln CK EURO-Silver took place in Razgrad, Bulgaria. The external view of charcoal kiln CK EURO differs from the standard one.

At will of the customer the equipment was implemented in Ukrainian national flag colors: drying/pyrolysis chambers are blue, loading hatches of the chambers and chimneys are yellow.

The kiln start-up was successful. During 31 hours two discharges have been done. The output of charcoal from one trolley was 230 kg, 1800 kg of charcoal from 2 chambers! Oak is used as raw material.

Also we would like to notice well-organized charcoal-burning site. The rails for the platform with trolleys were installed along the site. The trolleys are loaded/unloaded in/out the chamber by means of electric winches.

In the nearest future 3 units more will be sent to the customer.

Charcoal-burning kiln CK EURO-Silver took place in Razgrad, Bulgaria   Charcoal-burning kiln CK EURO-Silver

Well-organized charcoal-burning site   The prepared raw material for charcoal


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