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One more CK-2 “EURO-S” was started in Ukraine

One more charcoal kiln CK-2 “EURO-S” was put into operation in Ukraine, Kyiv region, Bodenki village.

Our specialist... »

European Commission’s regualtion on the reduction or elimination of customs duties on goods originating in Ukraine

We are glad to inform you that Foreign Trade Committee of EU Parliament approved the European Commission’s regualtion on the... »

Comparison of burning duration between pini-kay briquette charcoal and traditional charcoal

Visual demonstration of advantages in case of usin charcoal from Pini-kay briquettes.

New charcoal-burning site in Oxford

Charcoal kiln CK EURO-S now works in Oxford, Great Britain. The kiln was produced from stainless steel, equped with mecanisation of... »

The perfect kiln in order to receive charcoal from Pini-Kay briquette

We would like to inform you about startup of pini-kay briquette pyrolysis site scheduled on January in Krasnodar Krai for the purpose of... »

Our representative office was opened in Gaziantep, Turkey

We are glad to inform you about the opening of new representative office in Gaziantep, Turkey, where charcoal-burning kiln CK-2 EURO-S... »

CK “EURO” went out of production

Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi!

There is an end of era of CK “EURO” manufactured since 2009... »

Updated panel of control and measuring devices for charcoal-burning kiln CK “EURO”.

“The best is the enemy of the good” as it was noticed by M. Giovanni in remote 1574 and our “Greenpower” Company... »

Failed production of CK EURO

"As soon as the artist becomes commercially successful, he becomes counterfeited."

Charcoal... »

Production trial of the platform and winch to transfer the trolleys

The platform for trolley transfer developed in 2012 makes it possible to speed up the process connected... »


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