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ACS for charcoal kilns of EKKO

Today we are glad to present to you our new advanced control and measuring device and automatic control system (ACS) installed on the EKKO series of the charcoal kilns.

New developments of GreenPower

GreenPower Company does not stand still and is constantly working on the development of the new equipment for the charcoal production and improvement of previous models of existing series - all for to offer maximum benefits to our Clients.

GreenPower - Green World!

Since 2001, GreenPower has been specializing in the study of the processes of “pyrolysis”, “gasification” and “activation of charcoal”, namely development and introduction into mass production of equipment in which these processes are used.

GreenPower Mission

  • Improve the ecology of the Earth
  • Increase the use of renewable resources
  • Ensure the most efficient recycling of waste that emerge from human activity
  • Develop alternative energy technologies
  • Reduce the share of fossil resources
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