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 The story of GREENPOWER Company 

In 1998, the company was founded under the name "Vіdpochinok" - ("Rest" in English). From the beginning of activities the company specialized in the sale of charcoal and various products for the barbecue.

The charcoal kiln from the tank (2001)

In 2000 own charcoal burning production was established. The charcoal was obtained by one of the primitive means using the simplest home-made charcoal kilns produced from the used fuel storage tanks. The quality of charcoal was very low, conditions of work were horrible, and the base of production needed modernization. 


2001-2006 our first charcoal kilns were implemented: CK-2 and CK-3 “Alyonka”. The kiln could be easily repaired and taken apart for further transportation. CK “Alyonka” attracted the attention of many charcoal producers from Ukraine and near-abroad countries. And this resulted in the necessity to organize the production area for manufacture of charcoal kilns. More than 100 units of CK-2 “Alyonka” kilns were produced.

CK-2 “Alyonka” in operation (2004)

2004-2011. New charcoal kiln CK-1 “Bezzolnaya” was developed. It received the name “Bezzolnaya” (that means “ashless”) because there were law amount of small fraction fines and no ash in the process of charcoal production. 

Charcoal-burning kiln CK-2 “Bezzolnaya” (2007)

More than 300 kilns of this type were produced and implemented for that time. In 2011 CK “Bezzolnaya” was taken out of production. 

2005-2011. The equipment for processing polymers and industrial rubber goods by pyrolysis was launched. 

The research of the pyrolysis process of polymers and industrial rubber goods, and also the development of the equipment for the process were carried out. 

2006. The equipment for mechanized charcoal sorting and packing was lauched. Later this equipment became the part of the complex line for charcoal sorting and packing. 

Charcoal kiln CK-2 “Ugolkov” and CK-2 “Alyonka” (2010)

2008-2009. CK “EURO” testing. After numerous design changes, as a result of fruitful operations, we achieved a positive result. 

Experimental CK “EURO” in Zmeiev, Kharkov region (2009) 

The first environment friendly charcoal kiln CK “EURO” having no analogs in the world was manufactured. For all the production time, the kiln design was significantly modernized and changed. 

2009-2012. More than 150 charcoal kilns CK “EURO” were produced. A number of additional options as well as spare parts of the kiln appeared. New representative offices were opened: Russia, Egypt, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Latvia. 

CK “EURO” 2011, Plovdiv, Bulgaria 

2005-2015. Research works on the process of charcoal activation were conducted. Engineering sample of charcoal steam activation was produced, besides the method of charcoal chemical activation was studied. 

2006-2012. The studies on the pyrolysis of tires were conducted. Several installations of various capacity were produced. 2013. An updated modification of “EURO” which received the prefix CK-2 was developed. A new furnace, a complete mechanization of control, advanced heat resistant and insulating materials - this is a brief description of CK-2 “EURO”.

2013-2016A new charcoal kiln CK-3 “EURO” was designed and manufactured. The main advantage is the global elimination of all structural shortcomings of the first and second generations of "EURO" – type kilns. 

Experemental CK-3 “EURO”, 2014, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

In 2014 the company opened a sales office of GreenPower in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

The new types of equipment were produced by GreenPower company:

  • Complexes for thermocatalytic neutralization of waste
  • Complexes for plant waste briquetting
  • Complexes for fast drying firewood and technical wood
  • Multicyclones and battery cyclones
  • Bag and carbon filters
  • Heat generator

In 2015 the first serial charcoal kiln CK-3 "EURO-m" was produced. Throughout the year, completion of charcoal kiln construction during operation was carried out. Our company conducted work on the development and manufacturing of multicyclones, which are part of a group of mechanical cleaners with dry cleaning process and high efficiency. Efficiency of cleaning from the particles sized of 5-10 mkm is 90%, while from particles greater than this size is 99%.

 Charcoal kiln CK-3 "EURO", 2015, South Africa

Our company is not standing still and is constantly engaged in research to increase the productivity and durability of the equipment. In 2016, according to the results of practical experience of charcoal kiln CK-3 "EURO" operation, we produced modernized version CK-4 "EURO" At this moment, we are the first who was able to develop and produce mobile charcoal kiln with capacity up to 80 tons of charcoal briquettes Pini Kay.

Charcoal kiln CK-4 "EURO-m" in Russia

By 2017, the production base of the company GreenPower from a small welding area has become a large-scale production with ample opportunities. 55 people work in our company. Our factory in Kharkov occupies an area of over 3,000 square meters.

We pay great attention to the product quality. Quality control is carried out at all stages of production, during product transition from one area to another. The finished product is verified by the technical department, the head of department, chief engineer, and after that by sales department manager.

All our products are warranted from 12 to 24 months. At the same time we are really fulfill our warranty obligations, involve into the essence of the situation, find the optimal way, assist in the elimination of non-warranty cases. Constant reserves of spare parts and flexible communication with suppliers make it possible to provide quality service. Also, after-sales service system operates at the company

We pay great attention to the development of technology. All parts of equipment are studied in detail by technical department, and only after the tests are put on continuous production.

                                              Our motto is: QUALITY PRODUCTS - A POWERFUL ARGUMENT!

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