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Types of alternative energy

Every educated person now knows that the reserves of natural resources on our planet, if not coming to an end, are far from infinite.  Reasonable humanity has been thinking for a long time about solving this problem.

Detailed description of the elements of the charcoal kilns of "EURO" series

Detailed description of the elements of the charcoal kilns of "EURO" series that are produced by GreenPower Company since 2007.


% yield of charcoal depending on the raw materials used

Depending on the parameters of the raw materials used for pyrolysis, method of the process comduction and the required amount of non-volatile carbon, the percentage yield of charcoal from the raw material varies.


Detailed description of the technology of charcoal kiln of «EURO» series

The main idea in the development of a charcoal kiln "EURO" was to reduce the number of operations in the "right" production of charcoal.

The new method of pellets production - torrefaction

Currently a new method of producing pellets of high quality – torrefaction (roasting, drying) is gaining popularity in bioenergy. Torrefaction is a "soft" pyrolysis – the heating of biomass without oxygen at temperatures 200 – 300°C and atmospheric pressure. 

Application of charcoal in industry

Nowadays charcoal is more often used in industry and other fields of national economy. Charcoal can be used in industry as reducing agent.

Characteristics of the high-quality charcoal and its classification

The distinguishing feature of the high-quality charcoal is the shiny black color slightly with a blue tint. Also on the cut, the structure of the wood is usually well preserved, and the entire surface is covered with cracks. Another characteristic is a ringing sound that produces coal at impact. This kind of coal is considered high quality.

The application of Biochar in the agricultural industry

The application of Biochar in the agricultural industry is gaining new momentum every year. More and more attention has been paid by entrepreneurs of the agricultural industry to restoration of the composition of the soil, and they are seeking for safe solutions of the problem of its depletion.

5 unusual ways to use charcoal in the home

The charcoal is often perceived as an indispensable tool mainly in those situations when you need to build a fire in the fireplace, to fry a shish kebab on the grill or cook meat on the grill. However, there are much more different ways to use charcoal even in everyday life. We want to present to Your attention five of the most interesting of them.

How to choose charcoal for the grill

It is well-known fact that the taste of food cooked on the grill not only depends on various seasonings and marinades, but also on the type of used firewood or charcoal. Today there is a wide variety of charcoal from different species of trees, both in the form of briquettes and in loose form, packaged in paper or plastic bags.


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