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Clean materials

Every year, humanity acquires a higher environmental consciousness.  Modern people seek not only to use modern products and new technologies, but also to eliminate the damage caused to the environment.

Nature conservation

At the end of the 20th century, a social movement emerged in developed European countries aimed at developing measures to protect the environment.  Since then, in most countries of the world, the so-called Green parties have appeared, caring for the future of their children, the safety of the planet, for which we are responsible.

Environmental Protection - Science Synthesis

What influences our environment?

There are quite a few factors: population growth, the rapid development of industry and agriculture, electricity generation and transportation.  The increase in the standard of living, and with it the increase in consumption, led to a sharp increase in the amount of solid waste (about 4% -5% per year).

Living nature – the source of human life

Living nature – the source of human life, it has everything for its existence. But people can't live, without interfering with wildlife.
The main factor of human influence on nature, industry, transport, construction and agriculture. The result can be great damage to the environment, which will adversely affect the whole of nature.

Conservation of nature is the task of our time.

 ENVIRONMENT - not only man-made material world, it is the habitat of plants, animals and millions of creatures living with us under the same sky.

Waste wood

Timber is the cutting and felling of trees, it also included sanitary felling. After that, the trees are subjected to further processing. However, during these works receive a large amount of waste. This branch, leaves, shoots, twigs, stumps, roots, cuts, sawdust, debris from trees and stuff. As a result of further wood get plywood, matches, railway sleepers, veneer, various lumber. These materials make the furniture, houses, musical instruments, etc., and again waste: slabs, chips, sawdust, scraps, short pieces, shavings and more.

"Alternative energy" - well forgotten old

"Alternative Energy" is a series of ways to extract energy, united not only by the use of renewable sources, but also by the fact that many types of them have been used by people since time immemorial.  For example, wind energy blew the ships sails and moved the millstones millstones.

Bioenergy - potential "second crude oil"

Bioenergy, primarily raises the question of renewable energy resources. It relates to the recycling of waste wood, peat, waste products of farm animals, which in the vernacular is called manure, and waste processing of agricultural crops. It is not only respect for the environment and the surrounding area, but also affordable prices, which is also an important advantage.

Types of environmental pollution

The global problem of our time is environmental pollution. We regularly hear about it from TV screens and read about it on websites. It is discussed in scientific circles and by lots of international organizations. The topic is the same - the fight against the deterioration of natural conditions. But, alas, apart from these discussions, little has changed...

"Garbage archaeology"

Household garbage, solid waste or garbage is, by definition, useless waste consumption. This science deals with complex title garbology. What is the garbage? He has a complex composition is the organic residue, waste pulp,wood, petroleum products, various metals, glass and estimates.
Interestingly, the composition of MSW is different, it depends on many factors: the climate, the welfare of the population, industry, agriculture, beautification of the village and even the time of year.


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