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The use of wood chips in the modern world

The woodworking industry is an industry where a huge amount of waste is generated at all stages. Among them, such as branches, knots, sawdust, trimmings, shavings and chips.
Wood chips are specially chopped wood and is a valuable material that can be applied in various ways. Moreover, the effectiveness of a particular application depends on such chip parameters as wood breed, size, shape, moister content.

The main uses of wood chips:
• In agriculture: decorative and agrotechnical mulching;
• As a raw material for the production of arbolite - wood concrete with good thermal insulation properties and carrying capacity sufficient for the construction of low-rise buildings;
• In the food industry: smoking of the products and alcohol infusion;
• In the manufacture of various handicrafts;
• Use of chips as fuel for some types of boilers and stoves.

Fuel for boilers and stoves
The chips after crushing retain the calorific value of the original wood, so it can be used as fuel. However, traditional heaters designed for burning solid fuels cannot work normally on chips due to the huge differences in the combustion mode.

Therefore, it is necessary to use special heating devices that differ in the fuel loading system, or to produce fuel briquettes from chips.
Equipment for the briquettes production is called extruder. The dry raw material entering the extruder is being even more crushed, compressed and heated, thus “gluing together” due to the decomposition of lignin. After that it is passed through a cutter, obtaining a standard hexagon shape. The obtained briquette is used as fuel in boilers. It can also be used as a raw material for the production of charcoal.

Why charcoal briquette is more attractive than lump wood?
• A ton of charcoal from briquette costs 4 times as much as a regular briquette!
• Charcoal from briquette burns 2 times longer than regular charcoal!
• Charcoal consumption from briquette is 2 times lower than regular charcoal
• Charcoal briquette is in demand the year round and around the world


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