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The benefits of environmentally friendly charcoal kiln BIO-KILN

Consumption of processed agricultural products is growing every year.  On the shelves of stores expanding range of food and improving their quality.  Recently, the theme of healthy, environmentally friendly nutrition has come into fashion.  And for this, first of all, the plants must live and bear fruit on the “clean” land, without garbage and chemical pollution.
When processing agricultural products receive a large amount of their waste.  Production waste is the material remnants of the technological process, which have lost their consumer value and cannot be used for its intended purpose.  As a rule, waste is classified as follows:
 1) in the field of education;
 2) in the direction of use;
 3) by the method of attraction to disposal.
Today, waste from the agro-industrial complex is not always used, although it is a valuable raw material.
BIO-KILN is an environmentally friendly charcoal-fired continuous kiln for the production of charcoal with a high content of non-volatile carbon, with the possibility of constant generation of thermal energy.  When using this equipment, agricultural waste is processed: seeds, shells and seeds of fruit trees, wood chips, bamboo, bushes and other raw materials of plant origin with a fraction of 10-50 mm and humidity less than 15%.  Production of products - charcoal, as well as raw materials for the production of: briquettes for BBQ and hookah coal (shisha, hookah charcoal), activated carbon;  ready BIO-Char from waste of plant origin, for use in the agricultural industry.
The main advantage: environmental safety, high efficiency, compact oven, production continuity and high performance.


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