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Profit from the garbage.

The growth of the population of the Earth brings with it an increase in the rate of production, followed by consumption, and the amount of waste eventually increases.  Traditional methods of disposal of solid household waste (MSW) - the destruction or disposal is no longer effective, cause damage to the environment and turns our planet into a large landfill.

Solid household waste can be industrial, military, municipal waste (MSW), biological and man-made.  This separation of waste types helps to identify ways of recycling or recycling (recycling) waste.
With the development of energy-saving technologies, most wastes are recycled.  Foreign experience shows that for the normal development of this industry, it is necessary to use in the main production secondary raw materials, concessional loans for factories and plants from recycled materials.
Due to low competition, the waste recycling industry for our country is one of the most promising and attractive for investments.  The market for recycled materials in the country has not yet been fully operational, but it is a matter of time and our attitude towards the use of resources.
The expediency of processing garbage and waste (industrial and agricultural) is due to economic factors and profitability of these processes.  Safer, simpler and more economical methods of working with wastes make it possible to profit from recycling, thereby reducing the initial cost of equipment for processing.

The equipment of GreenPower company: thermal catalytic waste disposal systems allow utilizing solid household waste by recycling them with maximum benefit and financial benefit.


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