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Our habits kill us ...

This is a fairly broad topic, but now we will talk about our habits in relation to the garbage and the cleanliness of our streets, yards and porches.  It's time, it's time to change our habits, thereby removing the numerous trash that accompanies us from our own apartment to public transport.
The old truth: purely not where they clean, but where they do not litter.  Now the question arose not only in the cleaning of waste of our life, but also in their recycling.  And it's not just about organic.
As a rule, we throw everything into the garbage bin, which does not fit, so in the hands we carry to the garbage container.  And this is the best !!!  How much garbage we see in our parks, recreation areas, what can I say, even in the forests !!!  Plastic and plastic bags solemnly fluttering on the branches of trees and bushes, cigarette butts from cigarettes generously cover not only the places around the urns, but also the entire area around the stops.  Many interesting things can be found in our habitats.  It is habitat, because it cannot be called a place of life.  Even animals in nature do not crap where they live.
We always complain about the government, the weather, someone unknown, who will definitely prevent us from living better, richer, happier.
But it all starts with every person.  And the more people will not only understand that it is NOT possible to throw a piece of paper or a cigarette past an urn, but also do IT, the cleaner it will be on our streets.
Moreover, more than a third of household waste, which we send to garbage cans and not only, belong to valuable resources and are suitable for recycling.  These are plastic (plastic bags, polypropylene disposable tableware, hard plastic containers for detergents, PET bottles for beverages), paper, glass, metal, tetrapack and paper cups.
The most promising method of waste disposal is its processing, which is successfully developing all over the world.  The creation of new recycling technologies contributes to the effective elimination of garbage that exceeds all reasonable limits.
GreenPower is an international company of the Bio-Energy industry, which develops and manufactures environmentally-friendly equipment for processing various types of household and industrial waste.


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