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Festive aftertaste.

So the holidays are over.  Long and fun.  And as a memory of them, our yards "decorate" discarded and no longer needed trees.  The picture is sad and a little romantic.  But nowadays, the issue of disposal of used trees can be approached more pragmatically, that is, with benefits. 

To the life of green beauties was not ruined in vain.

For example, in Germany, special sites have long been organized where residents bring used New Year trees.  There are also specially equipped grounds near the houses where you can bring Christmas trees.  Nothing is wasted.
This year, in Kiev after the New Year holidays, more than 2,000 citizens delivered former New Year's beauties to specially equipped items for their disposal.  And in our country, something is changing for the better.  Maybe our mind?

Wood is a valuable natural raw material from which a variety of materials and products were produced at all times.  However, now we have become more economical with respect to trees.  At present, not only tree trunks are used for production purposes, but also wood waste, which largely saves resources.

From the chips of conifers get a unique material for construction - arbolit.  In addition, wood waste is used in the production of cosmetics, medicines and feed additives for animals.

Processing of wood WASTE is a great idea for a profitable business, the equipment for recycling is produced by the Ukrainian company Greenpower.


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