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A little pre-holiday mood

December is a beautiful month.  People and nature, all in anticipation of the holidays.  Soon, December 19 is the first holiday - St. Nicholas Day.  Children, of course, are waiting for him especially, but this holiday can be wonderful and fun for the whole family.  Fresh winter air, friendly family, guests and a bonfire - this is a memorable evening on the first winter holiday.  The main dish on it, of course, kebab cooked on charcoal.  Coal, produced by Kharkov company Greenpauer, is successfully used for grilling or barbecuing, because when it gets fat it does not flare up, but it still burns with a low steady flame, giving a good heat.  In addition to the usual kebab, there is a mass of dishes that can be prepared using charcoal.  Let's start with the most traditional at this time - fish.  After all, since the fall, she walked fat and asks for a brazier.  Here are some recommendations for a wonderful evening.
 And so on points:
 1. To make a solid fire or set fire to charcoal.
 2. Clean the carp carcass from the scales and gut.  Rinse thoroughly inside and out.
 3. Put in the carp half of the sprig of rosemary and five cloves of garlic, crushed by the plane of the knife.  Add pepper and salt.
 4. Outside, on the body of the fish, make three transverse cuts on each side, put on the floor sprigs of rosemary, sprinkle with pepper and salt.
 5. Wrap in foil and bury in ember.
 6. After 30–35 minutes to open the foil and check whether the carp is ready.  For this it is necessary to pierce the fish in the most well-fed place - the meat must be white.  If the carp is damp, return to the coals and bring to readiness.
 The coals must smolder, not burn - otherwise the carp will burn.  And another trick: when baking the whole fish, for the entire cooking process, it can be turned over only once.  If you do this every minute, you risk overdrying it.  In addition, such manipulations will contribute to the fact that the ready-made fish will fall apart.
 Here are some wonderful dishes you can cook quickly and conveniently with charcoal.  Enjoy your meal!!!


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