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The history of charcoal

People made charcoal from ancient times, this is confirmed by archaeological finds.  Well-known blacksmiths worked on charcoal.
It was mined, as a rule, in two ways: “stack” and “wild boar” or heap and pit charring.  These technologies were simple, lasted about a month and required constant monitoring of the process.  Smoke, ash and steam were thrown into the surrounding nature.  This continued in the seventeenth century and until the end of the eighteenth century.  At that time, the population size was low, there was a lot of free territory, and such technologies for burning coal did not bring significant damage.
Since the XIX century, people began to produce simple brick kilns for the production of charcoal.  For example, the famous Demidov iron and foundry production rose on charcoal;  Charcoal is also required for high strength and ductile iron.  Different types of sorbents are made from this coal.
This is a fuel that does not produce carbon monoxide, therefore, it can be attributed to ecological species, as it does not contain sulfur, phosphorus and heavy metals.
Raw materials for the production of charcoal are divided into 3 color groups, which are formed depending on the wood species:

  •  black - soft woods;
  •  white - hard rocks;
  •  red - from conifers.

 To start the charcoal kiln, the wood raw material is placed in a special hopper.  The sensor system notifies the operator of the readiness of the coal, after which it is unloaded, transferred to the heat-resistant coating and allowed to cool down.  At the final stage, the packaging of the finished product in bags and labeling takes place.
 GreenPower company specializes in the development and production of equipment for the production of charcoal from wood of various types of trees, briquettes and waste of the woodworking industry and agriculture.


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