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Raw materials for the production of fuel briquettes

 For centuries, our ancestors used what nature offered them.  Sawdust, shavings, sunflower husks, buckwheat, waste elevators, flax fire, straw, peat mass.  All this found its place in the household and brought tangible benefits to man.
 With the development of industry, an increase in acreage and logging, the volume of industrial waste increases, requiring more and more useful areas for their disposal.  How is the problem of recycling and processing waste of plant origin in our time?
 Greenpower Company organized the production of equipment for the production of fuel briquettes of the Pini & Kay type from agricultural waste and timber processing industry: straw, husks of sunflower seeds and buckwheat, sawdust and chips, and much more.
 The big advantage of using wood briquettes in the form of fuel is their minimal impact on the environment during combustion in comparison with the classical types of solid fuel with the same calorific value.
 The best fuel pellets are made from sunflower husks.  They have maximum heat transfer and minimum ash content.  Do not contain glue impurities, and this allows you to significantly save money on heating.


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