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Protection of ecology as a global problem of our time

Protection of ecology is a global problem of our time that has a transnational and international character.

Nature can harm itself: volcanic activity increases the concentration of carbon dioxide, floods and droughts destroy parts of the land, earthquakes change the relief of the Earth's surface. Mankind is not yet able to control the element, but it is simply obliged to control its own activities.

We pollute the biosphere by deforestation and emissions of radioactive and chemical waste into seas and oceans. Military actions that periodically occur in different parts of our planet cause enormous harm to the biosphere: forests burn in fires, oil emissions pollute the atmosphere and the hydrosphere.

Since the 1990's, the GEF - the Global Environment Facility has existed. Its activity is to help developing countries in environmental issues. Greenpeace by all available means tries to prevent radioactive contamination of the planet, and WWF is engaged in the preservation of species.

In GreenPower charcoal kilns, the principles of the latest equipment for low-temperature pyrolysis of various materials of plant origin have been developed in order to produce high-quality charcoal and thermal energy.


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