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Thermal utilization of plant waste

Technology for thermal utilization of vegetable wastes by pyrolysis is more environmentally friendly compared to combustion and is of the greatest interest from the point of view of maximum to eliminate them. In addition, the technology pyrolysis allows to obtain useful products from plant waste on a large scale.

Depending on the form of plant waste (branches, sawdust, leaves, shoots, twigs, stumps, roots) the pyrolysis process determines the temperature and time of processing. Technological advantage of pyrolysis is that the decomposition of the substance occurs under the influence of high temperature and oxygen free environment.

The speed of pyrolysis of vegetable waste and the quality of the obtained products depend directly on their properties. To expedite the process, must be prepared by pre-drying the waste. Widespread in developed countries have been drying systems designed for fast drying of technical wood and get the fireplace wood. When developing a drying unit, company GreenPower were taken into account all the necessary parameters of process of drying of wood. Drying of wood involves a number of peculiarities caused by the need to accelerate the process of removing moisture from wood.


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