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The main advantages of charcoal

The fuel and energy complex is the basis for the development of the economy of any country.  Its main components are oil, gas and coal.  20% of carbon elements of fuel in the world belong to coal.  Even before the middle of the last century, coal was the most common fuel.
With the development of oil and gas, coal began to use less.  The latest statistical review by British Petroleum shows that since 2014 global demand for coal has increased by 3%, especially in Europe, where nuclear power plants began to close.  Coal consumption increased in the USA.
World forecasts predict that in the future coal will continue to be widely used in industry.
The main advantages of coal: large resources, ease of storage, low cost, ease of transportation.  Lack of coal - soot that occurs during the combustion of coal, which is bad for the environment.
Wood is a raw material that belongs to renewable, but the situation is complicated by a large amount of wood waste that reaches 50%.  Until recently, unwanted by-products of wood were burned at best, stored at worst, often causing fires.
Since 2009, GreenPower has been offering a more rational way to use sawdust as an energy carrier - converting them into pellets, which are the fuel for boilers.


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