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Clean materials

Every year, humanity acquires a higher environmental consciousness.  Modern people seek not only to use modern products and new technologies, but also to eliminate the damage caused to the environment.
Modern people began to realize that the future of their children depends on their actions today.  People want to participate in the future of generations.  Advanced people tend to use environmentally friendly materials and products.  These are so-called clean materials that cause minimal damage to the environment.
Examples of the use of such materials can be found everywhere: for example, since 2009, the manufacturing company GREENPOWER, a self-sufficient production with wide and flexible capabilities, produces products that not only provide high-tech processing of plant waste, but also bring a tangible income.  These are: BIO-KILN - a unique charcoal kiln for the production of high-quality charcoal - raw materials for hookah coal, Charcoal kiln UP-7 EURO, a process line for the production of active carbons based on the ACTIVE-1 plant, Pini briquette extruder  -Kay, Charcoal kiln UE "Continuous", as well as Charcoal from briquette Pini-Kay.
Products do not contain chemical and other components, has a high content of non-volatile carbon.


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